Top 4 software tools for enterprise feedback management

Both customers and employees have needs and desires that can significantly impact an organization’s direction. Businesses that don’t consider these needs are likely to deliver a poor customer experience and create a disconnected workforce.

That’s why it’s important to implement an enterprise feedback management strategy that enables you to collect input and act on it to improve those external and internal experiences.

Enterprise feedback management defined

Enterprise feedback management refers to the set of processes and tools that enable businesses to collect and manage input from different parties, such as customers and employees.

In relation to customers, says Abe Breuer, CEO of VIP TO GO, “Enterprise feedback management enables every department to have a complete awareness of consumer demands and expectations, as well as to track how well you’re meeting or exceeding those demands. When done correctly, it delivers useful data that can help you enhance your client connections over time.”

When it comes to taking care of employees, enterprise feedback management gives managers a way to hear the voice of their workforce. Management can stay informed on employee needs and make decisions for the organization that take those needs into consideration.

Enterprise feedback management software solutions: 4 popular tools

For enterprises, collecting all that data is no easy task. That’s where enterprise feedback management software comes in — to simplify the collection and analysis of feedback data. “It allows you to improve customer connections on a large scale by automating aspects of the feedback process,” says Justin Nabity, CEO of Physicians Thrive. “While a more manual system may be possible when your firm is small, it gets increasingly difficult as it grows.”

Nabity notes that when you’re using various systems to manage, gather, and respond to input; evaluate data; track trends; and share reports throughout your business, it takes a lot of time and work. “And that gives a lot of room for data to fall through the cracks. With the help of a comprehensive solution, your company can scale up those customer experience activities and improve every aspect of the customer journey with much less effort.”

So what enterprise feedback management software tools do Breuer, Nabity, and other business experts recommend? Keep reading to see the solution shortlist.

1. Jotform

Jotform is a powerful form builder for managing feedback across an enterprise. You can take advantage of conditional logic, report generation, and automated workflows to ensure you collect, track, and analyze the right feedback whenever you need it through surveys and low-code table databases.

With Jotform’s prebuilt survey templates, you can tap customers for insights on your products, services, and brand image, or you can use them to reach out to employees about their thoughts on company culture and recent changes. Whatever your feedback needs, Jotform can help.

Do you work for a large corporation? Try Jotform Enterprise, a digital workplace productivity tool that provides advanced tools and options for companies with complex needs. Get features such as single sign-on, data geolocalization, and a dedicated support team.

2. Podium

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With Podium, you can message your leads and customers, get reviews and feedback, collect payments, and connect with your team — all in one simple inbox.

Nabity notes that the platform accepts payments via text, gathers private feedback after an experience, and manages all your customer messages from a centralized dashboard. “At every customer touch point, Podium employs messaging to make it easy to connect with your prospects, customers, and team, allowing for more immediate feedback.”

He adds, “Customers’ interactions with local companies are being redefined by Podium — it’s the answer for everything from collecting reviews on the sites that matter most to text-enabling your website with Webchat. Using a solution like this can really give you a competitive edge.”

3. Qwary


Qwary provides simple, engaging surveys delivered via the web, SMS messages, Alexa voice survey, or Facebook Messenger. Breuer recommends this platform for companies that are looking to conduct unbiased conversations with their customers and employees and to produce insights for making data-driven decisions. “With Qwary’s advanced analytics,” he says, “you can go deep into the data and uncover previously unseen trends.”

4. Kimoby


Breuer also recommends Kimoby, a cloud-based business instant messaging platform that supports team collaboration, customer communication, and mobile payment requests.

“Kimoby helps business service departments reach the appropriate individuals at the appropriate times,” says Breuer. “Plus, the platform makes it simple to enhance engagement and sales with rapid marketing campaigns, automated reminders, and multimedia files by leveraging the data and resources that businesses already have at their disposal.”

Which enterprise management feedback software platform seems like the best fit for your business? Explore these options to see how they can help provide a more holistic view of how your organization is doing.

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