Jotform: the Online Form Builder for Distributed Teams

Teams that work in different offices, whether across a city or across the globe, are better equipped to work effectively together with technology and a great toolset. Jotform is the preferred online forms tool for distributed teams due to its unmatched collaboration functionality, so co-workers across the globe can get work down without a hitch. Let’s dive into Jotform’s features that help remote teams successfully collaborate.

Jotform features Form Collaboration

Whether you’re in front of a PC or on the go with your mobile phone, building forms with your co-workers is now as easy as sharing a link. It’s a real-time, seamless experience where multiple team members can simultaneously work on the same form. All changes are automatically uploaded so you always edit the most current version. Seamlessly work within your Jotform account with someone else, without worrying about saving your work along the way. Jotform powers this advanced functionality with Continuous Save, so users do not need to worry about losing any edits. The form automatically saves every change, eliminating the need to manually click a button each time.

Jotform offers Revision History

What if you’d like to go back to a previous version of the form, and get rid of edits that you or a co-worker made? Easy. Jotform offers revision history so you can view a history of revisions made to any form and easily revert back to a previous version with a single click. This lets you try out new widgets, form fields, and designs without feeling like you need to commit! Get creative and collaborative and know that the revision history feature is available for you to use.

Jotform has Offline Form Building

Because Jotform is the first and the only online form building tool to deliver a seamless start-to-finish mobile experience, you have more flexible workplace options. You can be working on your JotForms at your desk at the office, continue working on your mobile phone while you walk to catch the train, have an ongoing experience while on the train even if you lose service, knowing that when you regain regain service your changes will sync. Whether you’re working at a coffeeshop, by the pool, or at home miles away from your closest co-worker, you can find it easy to work on your JotForms wherever in the world you are.

Do you work remotely, or have co-workers that do? Or, do you work with distributed teams? Let us know how you work effectively in the comments!

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