How to Share Your Form With Collaborators

January 26, 2024

Form Collaboration in the Form Builder allows multiple team members to simultaneously work on a form. All changes are automatically saved so you always edit the most current version. Your collaborators don’t need to have a Jotform account. Each collab session will have its unique session URL that you can share.

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Steps to refresh the collaboration link in Jotform Form Builder


  • Form Collaboration is only available in the Form Builder.
  • The collaboration link expires after 72 hours. Refresh the link to generate a new one.
  • All changes made by everyone are saved automatically.
  • Publish functions are disabled for guest collaborators.

To share your form with collaborators

  1. In the Form Builder, select Add Collaborators in the upper-right corner.
  2. Copy the collaboration link and share it with your team.
Steps to get the collaboration in Jotform Form Builder

Active collaborators will appear in the Form Builder. Members who don’t have a Jotform account will show up as guests.

A guest collaborator in Jotform Form Builder

A form element being worked on will be highlighted to see who’s working on which item.

Active collaborators in Jotform Form Builder

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