10 QuickBooks Enterprise alternatives to fit your business

QuickBooks is widely known as the market leader for accounting and financial software solutions. But sometimes, it’s not the one-size-fits all solution it claims to be.

There are several alternative solutions to choose from if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option or something with industry-specific features that QuickBooks may not offer. We’ve built a list of top alternatives for those who might be on the lookout for one.

Each of these QuickBooks competitors is comparable to the popular enterprise accounting software we all know. We’ll highlight the important features of each in a brief overview.

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1. Jotform Enterprise

Jotform Enterprise offers a robust solution for teams looking for an alternative to QuickBooks Enterprise. Jotform’s business management solutions have functionality that supports many business accounting needs.

Jotform Enterprise easily integrates with over 400 applications, so you won’t see interruptions in your daily workflows. Plus, it allows you to build your own custom applications using our API and offers thousands of tools and templates to get you started.

Security is likely one of your top priorities — and it’s also top of mind at Jotform. Jotform Enterprise offers SAML user authentication, stores data on a local data residency center, and uses 256-bit SSL encryption. It’s also PCI DSS Level I certified and is HIPAA-friendly.

Finally, you can host your account almost anywhere in the world using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure to meet data privacy requirements in Australia, Canada, the U.K., the EU, and more.

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2. FreshBooks

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FreshBooks is a well-known accounting application that specializes in automating invoicing, tracking time, and helping businesses manage their expenses. It’s a beginner-friendly solution, and it even allows for double-entry accounting.

3. Xero

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Xero is an enticing alternative to QuickBooks because it integrates with over 1,000 different applications.This cloud-based accounting platform is designed for small businesses, and its compatibility with different accounting tools has made it a desirable financial tool for over 2.74 million subscribers.

4. NetSuite

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NetSuite is an Oracle-owned, integrated platform, which means you can manage a lot of different financial workflows using the same software. Teams can use it as an end-to-end platform for finance, inventory, and operations, which makes it easy to collaborate across departments. 

5. Wave

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Wave is another QuickBooks alternative. It’s main competitive advantage is that it’s free. You’ll only need to pay for a subscription if you want to use the platform to accept online payments or run payroll.

This cloud-based accounting application also allows for double-entry accounting, and it has features for businesses to manage sales, purchases, banking, and reporting. You can also use Wave to manage customers and customize invoices. 

6. Sage 50cloud Accounting

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Sage 50cloud is an end-to-end tool for businesses that need a solution for invoicing, expense and invoice tracking, bank connections, and inventory management. It’s main competitive advantage is the cost, with subscriptions starting at $340 a year.

7. Zoho Books

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Zoho Books focuses exclusively on accounting. It can help you manage invoicing, bills, vendor credits, and purchase approvals. It’s biggest competitive advantage over QuickBooks is the ability to integrate with most major e-commerce platforms, making bookkeeping much easier for those with high-traffic online stores.

8. AccountEdge Pro

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Whereas most accounting tools on this list are cloud-based solutions, AccountEdge Pro is a desktop tool, and you can pay a monthly fee of $15 for the first license or purchase the software for a one-time fee of $699 for new users. This gives business owners the ability to own both the software and their critical financial data, but it also makes them responsible for security and data storage. AccountEdge Connect is an optional cloud-based add-on that gives users more flexibility in how they access the system.

9. Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is business management software with accounting and finance features. It offers all end-to-end accounting, finance, operations, and project management features that a business might need to run their day-to-day financial workflows.

10. AccountingSuite

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AccountingSuite provides accounting, order management, bank reconciliation, inventory, time tracking, and e-commerce features for businesses. Many accountants and finance professionals prefer AccountingSuite over QuickBooks for sales, order management, inventory control, and accounting.

The right QuickBooks Enterprise alternative for you

Some of these platforms provide fewer features than QuickBooks, and others provide many more. If it’s important that your accounting software integrates with your operations or e-commerce tools, you’ll likely need an end-to-end solution to operate efficiently.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a tool that simply focuses on accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and other financial features, you’ll likely be much happier with some others on this list that just offer those features.

The right QuickBooks Enterprise alternative depends on how you plan to use your software and what works best for your team.

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