Year in review: Together, we created a stronger Jotform in 2023

Year in review: Together, we created a stronger Jotform in 2023

If Jotform had a theme for 2023 it would’ve been a year of learning: learning from you, from each other, and from our data.

Along with launching innovative products and features, we focused on projects that increased the platform’s functionality and improved customer education.

This year saw the launch of our first books: one by our CEO (which you can find in bookstores and online) and two for customer education. We also produced a record number of user stories.

We believe the most important aspect of providing better resources is listening directly to you. That 360° feedback loop ultimately shapes the products, functionality, and content that help you be more productive.

So let’s celebrate 2023’s milestones and catch up on a great year.

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New connectivity that changes the game

2023 saw a number of new integrations and widgets that provide enhanced connectivity.

From using Jotform’s features directly in your Salesforce instance to generating QuickBooks invoices and customer records with your form submissions, this connectivity unlocks a new level of workflow efficiency.

Check it out.

2023 integrations & widgetsWhat they empower you to do
Jotform for SalesforceThe automatic integration of Jotform with your Salesforce objects and fields results in better workflows and no more platform switching.
CalendlyInstantly schedule and sync Calendly meetings from your form, as well as prefill Calendly name and email fields.
QuickBooksAutomatically send customer and sales info to — and create items in — your QuickBooks account from any Jotform submission.
Link by StripeLink enhances your Stripe payment integration by prefilling customer data for faster checkout and a higher conversion rate.
appyRewardReward form and survey respondents for their participation with this nifty digital rewards and gift program.
AppmixerInstantly sync form responses to cloud storage platforms, CRM systems, project management boards, and more.
Fiverr Logo MakerCreate a custom branded logo for your forms with this widget.
SensePassReduce friction during checkout with this omnichannel integration that allows customers to choose from popular digital wallet checkout options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and more on your payment form(s).

New customer education resources

In Jotform, there are now over 20 million users working with nearly twice as many forms!

That means there’s a lot of curiosity about a ton of features within the platform. If you’ve ever wondered “What is conditional logic, and how do you use it?” or “What is a mobile touchless kiosk for?” or “What does HIPAA mean?” we’ve got just the thing.

This year, we released two e-books — Jotform for Beginners, Vol. 1 & 2 — aimed at helping new and existing users answer those questions and more, while inspiring new ways of using Jotform to take your business to greater heights.

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Speaking of books, our founder and CEO, Aytekin Tank, released a Wall Street Journal bestseller: Automate Your Busywork. Workflow automation is near and dear to his heart (after all, it’s how Jotform came into being), so the book is full of helpful tips on how to use automation tools to make your work life more productive.

Innovative workflow solutions

To simplify your workflows, Group Approvals — a new feature of Jotform Approvals — makes it easier to set up your approval automations by allowing multiple people to approve simultaneously.

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Our Digest Emails feature delivers a summary of your form submissions in one email (as opposed to after every submission), giving you the insight you need while sparing your inbox. You can choose to have your digest emails sent daily, weekly, or monthly.

In the spirit of efficiency, we made a special update for our nonprofit and fundraising users: Donation Apps. A powerful tool, Donation Apps incorporates features like a donation goal tracker, a donation box element, and multiple giving options to use in conjunction with Jotform’s 30-plus payment gateways, making giving easy and secure.

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Form security is always top of mind for us, and this year’s debut of Encrypted Forms 2.0 brings us to the next level. New additions include more security via end-to-end encryption, improved and faster performance, plus better usability with passwords.

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For those who have always desired additional, dedicated support to help get your form-related projects off the ground, we’ve recently launched Jotform Enterprise Professional Services. This exclusive, enterprise-level service gets your organization onboarded with workflows up and running in no time, courtesy of seasoned customer support specialists.

Did you know?

This year, Jotform Enterprise launched the new “Ask Me Anything” webinar series. In the first session, attendees learned tips for maximizing approval flows, leveraging conditional logic, and more from one of our most seasoned customer success experts. If you’re interested in learning more, check out Jotform Enterprise.

New and insightful user stories

User stories are uniquely valuable. They contain productivity lessons for everyone: for you, for us, and even for the users who tell their stories.

In 2023, more users than ever before shared their stories, providing insight into the ways Jotform helps to solve common (and even some uncommon) workflow issues:

Year in review: Together, we created a stronger Jotform in 2023 Image-2

University of Michigan: Why the University of Michigan calls Jotform Enterprise a game changer

Year in review: Together, we created a stronger Jotform in 2023 Image-3

Scripps: E.W. Scripps streamlines U.S. digital ad operations with Jotform

Year in review: Together, we created a stronger Jotform in 2023 Image-4

New Riff Distilling: How New Riff Distilling uses Jotform and Zapier to be more efficient

Year in review: Together, we created a stronger Jotform in 2023 Image-5

Underground Printing: Underground Printing enhances the customer experience with Jotform

Year in review: Together, we created a stronger Jotform in 2023 Image-6

Polpetta Lokale Gastronomie: How Jotform Store Builder helped a food cart go online

A dissertation consulting firm saves time and improves marketing with Jotform

Done Dissertation: A dissertation consulting firm saves time and improves marketing with Jotform

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Sonance: An architectural audio company improves customer communication with Jotform and Salesforce

Company growth highlights & milestones

Thanks to our incredible users, we continued to see encouraging growth in 2023.

Jotform Logo

We’re on pace to surpass 5 million new signups this year as people look to get more done with their workflows. Here are a few more milestones from the year:

  • Over 1.5 billion form submissions
  • Over 30 million forms
  • Over 20 million Jotform users
  • 3,000 new templates, covering all Jotform products
  • 27 webinars with more than 9,500 registrations
  • A new office in Vancouver, now one of seven global offices

A foundational year for future growth

Our year-in-review recaps have become a great way to catch up on everything you may have missed in one swoop.

This year was foundational in terms of making a better Jotform. Customer education was a big focus, resulting in new resources that will help you discover how to get more done.

And whether we’re talking about connectivity (👋 Salesforce) or our own product suite (Group Approvals and Donation Apps), there were also new product features in 2023 that changed the game for your workflows. Kudos to all the Jotformers who worked so hard to create a stronger product this year (including you).

Please keep sharing your feedback with us so we can continue to make Jotform as useful as possible. As a reminder, you can contact us through our support channel, or if you’re interested in sharing how your organization works with Jotform, let us know by requesting a case study.

As always, we wish everyone a joyful and safe holiday season!

Chris is a Content Marketer and Creator at Jotform with a wealth of experience in online marketing, content marketing and people management. He's a lover of words who believes writing can be a force for positive outcomes both in business and in life. In addition to writing for Jotform, Chris has contributed to software blogs including Hubspot, AWeber and Atlassian. Chris's work has garnered an international industry award (PMA) and was recognized by PerformanceIN for being a top traffic driver in 2017. Chris is passionate about travel, film, design and great food/wine and he writes about them on his site You can reach Chris through his contact form.

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