Form Designer Software

Make your online forms look exactly how you want them to with JotForm’s advanced Form Designer. Choose unique colors and fonts, add CSS coding, and change other design elements.

Create custom forms with our advanced Form Designer. Without coding, you can change colors, fonts, spacing, button styles, and error messages; add logos and images; use CSS codes; and preview your form on any device.

Advanced Form Designer

Build custom online forms that match your website and your needs perfectly. Our drag-and-drop Form Designer offers advanced customization options that require no coding.

Change colors

Choose from readymade color schemes or select a specific color with the color picker to customize your form’s background, text, and shading.

Change fonts

Select from JotForm’s list of Google and system fonts, and change each form section’s font size in a couple of clicks.

Add spacing between fields

Tweak your form design by indicating the amount of space to put between form fields. Personalize vertical padding, horizontal padding, and label spacing.

JotForm CSS Inspector

Quickly discover each form field’s element class and element ID to help you write your CSS code. You can also add styles to the active element class or ID in a few clicks.

JotForm CSS Editor

Customize every aspect of your form with JotForm’s CSS Editor. Write your code from scratch or add styles with our helpful builder.

Add cover image

Include your logo and a unique cover image at the top of your form to give it a professional look.

Update button design

Increase your response rate with eye-catching submit buttons. Choose from JotForm’s premade button styles, make a custom button in a few clicks, or build one using CSS codes.

Preview for mobile devices

See what your form looks like on tablets and smartphones, so you can ensure your form looks its very best no matter the device.

Edit error styles

Customize error messages on your forms. You can change the styling, colors, and text with ease.

Upload a background image

Change your form’s background by choosing an image from our gallery or uploading one from your files.

Introducing JotForm Form Designer

The most advanced form designer ever!

Introducing JotForm Form Designer