Custom Form CSS

Add CSS code to your online forms for complete customization. Personalize form fields, widgets, positioning, and more!

Inject custom CSS into your form with Jotform. Add CSS code to customize your form’s layout, widgets, titles, submit button, product fields, spacing, positioning, highlights, and background.

Inject Custom CSS Code

Add custom CSS in seconds. Jotform’s Form Builder includes a field where you can quickly paste your CSS code.

Customize Your Form with CSS

Personalize every aspect of your form design — from background images, to field positioning, to unique fonts and colors.

Customize Widgets with CSS

Jotform widgets can be customized with CSS too! Add CSS code to your form to change the color and layout of 300+ widgets.

Stylize Feedback or Lightbox Titles

Give your Feedback or Lightbox title a personal touch. Use CSS to change the font, alignment, and background color.

Customize the Submit Button

Increase conversion rates by customizing your form’s submit button with custom CSS code.

Update Any Form Field

Apply custom CSS code to product form fields to show off your company’s products even better.

Change Vertical Spacing

Add custom CSS code to increase or decrease the spacing between form fields.

Position Form Fields

Rearrange the order of fields on your form. Click on a form field in our Form Designer to reveal parent classes and CSS properties you can use.

Make Backgrounds Transparent

Use CSS code to make your form’s background transparent and blend in seamlessly with your website design.

Manage Error Messages and Highlighting

Within our Form Designer, customize or disable form validation effects like highlighting and error warnings.

Inject Custom CSS Codes to your Form Tutorial

Learn how to inject custom CSS codes into the form and customize it as you wish!

Inject Custom CSS Codes to your Form Tutorial