How to Add an Uploads View in Jotform Tables

October 25, 2021

Uploads view is for forms that include a file upload field. In Uploads view, the files that were submitted through your form are displayed in a folder-like format where you can quickly see previews of them (which is especially helpful for images). The folder title is based on the name field by default so that you can quickly identify who submitted the file.

How do you add Uploads view in Jotform Tables? Follow these steps:

  1. In Jotform Tables, click the Add Tab button.
  1. Choose Uploads view, and click the Next button.
  1. Choose Connect to Form, and then click the Next button.
  1. Choose the form from the list, and click the Next button:
  1. In this step, you must select a field to be the title of each folder in Uploads view. We recommend using the name field, but you can choose any field from the list. Note that you can only select one field as the title. Once you’ve selected the field, click the Create button.
  1. Uploads view has now been created. 

Now, let’s jump into the specs of Uploads view. We’ll start with the main Uploads view. Clicking the three vertical dots icon beside the tab name will display a few options:

Show Empty Uploads

The Show Empty Uploads option is enabled by default. This is useful if you have an upload field that’s optional. When a respondent doesn’t upload a file, the submission is still displayed in the Uploads view. Here’s an example:

Clicking the Upload button in the middle of the blank folder allows you to upload a file to that folder. Click the Add attachment(s) button, and select the file you want to upload. Click the Done button to save your selection. 

This is useful if someone sends you their file externally, and you want to attach it to their form submission. 

Upload settings

If you want to change the title of each upload folder, you can do that by clicking Upload settings. This is the title setting that’s shown in step no. 5. 

Download file uploads

If you want to download all of the file uploads, simply hover your mouse over the Download option from the main settings, and then click the Download attachments option.

Our system will zip your files and send you an email with the download link. This may take some time, especially if you have large file uploads.

Main upload folders

Clicking each file in the folder will open the full view. If you have multiple files in each folder, the full view allows you to navigate to each file by clicking the next/back buttons. In full view, you can also download the file by clicking the Download button.

Hovering your mouse over each folder will also reveal the settings, expand, and select icons. Clicking the settings (three vertical dots) will display the following options:

In settings, you can view the entry, edit the uploads, star an entry (flag it), and download the attachments from that specific folder.

Selecting the folder will reveal the More button at the top toolbar, which displays the same settings:

Clicking Edit Uploads allows you to manage the files in that specific folder. Here, you can download a file, delete it, or add new files. 

Clicking the expand icon or the View Entry option will display the full submission info. Here, you can print the printable version of the submission, download the associated PDF document, download the file uploads, or even edit the submission when needed.

Selecting multiple folders allows you to download the files from those folders. The download button displays the number of selected folders. Click on it, and choose the Download attachments option to begin the download process. 

The files will be zipped and sent to your primary email address. 

Last but not least, clicking the Add New button at the bottom right side of Uploads view allows you to add a new blank folder. That is considered a submission and will count toward your submissions limit and your file upload limit if you upload files. 

Click the Upload button to add files, or expand the submission view to add the file in the form field. To add a file, simply double-click on the field, similar to editing an existing entry. 

That sums up everything about Uploads view. If you have questions or suggestions, please reach out to us through one of the support channels below.

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