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Adding a form to Basecamp classic

Adding a form to Basecamp classic

I have created and saved a form in JotForm that I want to add to Basecamp.

1. Go grab the iFrame embed code of your form. Here's how:

   1.1. Click the "Publish" button in the toolbar


   1.2. In the Publish window, please go to the "Embed" tab. Choose "iFrame" in the Embed Options list. Click the green "Copy Code" button at the bottom in order to copy the iFrame code.


2. In your Project on Basecamp. Create a new message. In the bottom right-hand corner of the message text area, you will see "Switch to Textile / HTML", Click on that.

3. Give your message a title & paste your JotForm iFrame embed code gathered in step 1 into the text area.

4. Post the message. 

For whatever reason, the form doesn't immediately show in the next dialog window. Just refresh your browser or you can go back to "Overview", and click on the messages' entry to see your Form.

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  • timexgroup

    Looks like this uses Basecamp Classic. How can this be accomplished in the new Basecamp?