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Adding a form to your Cargo site

Adding a form to your Cargo site

Cargo is a web platform that enables users to publish a wide variety of visual content with ease.

Now you can add your own custom form to your Cargo site.

Here's how:

1.  Get your form's iFrame embed codes

      a. Click on Publish button
      b. Click Embed
      c. Select the iFrame from the menu:

      d. Copy the provided iFrame embed code

2.  Sign-in to your Cargo site admin panel.

3. Create a (1) New Page or (2) Edit an existing page.

4. (1) Paste the JotForm form's iframe code in the Cargo content editor box. 
    (2) Click on the Post button to save and publish the page.

5. Click on the X blocked button to close the editor.

6. Done. Preview your JotForm in Cargo site.

Here is a sample Cargo site( from a JotForm fan.

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  • heatherbrown1

    Hello... i don't actually appear to be receiving the messages that people are sending via this form?

  • natnatperez

    Hello, it doesn't work. It just appears the written stuff and not the form.

  • ana

    Hi guys!

    I've done the instructions but my page looks like this:



    Do you know why?

    Thank you very much!


  • victoria

    I've done the instructions step by step but it's not working once the code saved on my cargo page. The iframe code doesn't look the same than the one on the instruction picture.
    What should I do to make it work?