How to Take Pictures on Your Forms

October 19, 2021


The following guide is deprecated. However, we made things easier for you. We created a Take Photo Widget where you can add it directly to your form. This enables the form user to take a picture straight from the form using their webcam.

Have you ever considered allowing your users to take a picture with their webcams straight from your form? That’s possible thanks to Jotform & It sounds crazy, but it’s true. You’ll see how easy it is when you follow the steps below.

1. Login to Jotform and create/edit a form.

2. Add an Ink-File Picker Tool to your form, it’s under Widgets Section.

**You must have a Filepicker account to use the webcam feature. If you don’t have one, please visit and register an account.**

3. On the Ink File Picker Integration Wizard, enter your Ink File Picker API Key click next and check Webcam on the next screen.

a. Get your Filepicker API Key at

b. Paste it to your Ink File Picker Integration API Box.

4. Save your form and take a sample picture!

Here’s a working demo:

If you have questions about the guide, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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