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How to add a form to Ghost blog

How to add a form to Ghost blog

Ghost is an open source blogging platform. If you want to embed JotForm to Ghost, here's how:

1. Login to your Ghost blog and Create a New Post

Optional: If you want to turn the post into a static page, click on the post settings (gear icon) found on the top right of the page. Then check "Turn this post into a static page".

2. Copy your JotForm embed code. You can either use the default script embed code, iframe code or even the form source code. They all should work.

   a. While on edit mode, click the Publish button

   b. On the Publish Wizard, go to Embed tab and click on "Copy Code" button.

3. Go back to your Ghost Blog and paste the embed code on the first box. Click the Publish button afterwards, then open the page to check your form.

If you have any questions or if you need clarifications with any of the above steps, please post it in the comment section.

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