How to embed Spreadsheet in your form?

July 27, 2021

If you want to add a Spreadsheet to your form so your users can view it (or view and edit), please follow these steps:

1) Add iFrame embed widget, that you can find in widgets section, to your form:
2) Then go to the desired Spreadsheet and go to File > Share:
  1. 3) Share your Spreadsheet with others
  1. 4) Decide they way you share it.
  1. 5) Once you have that sorted out, get the link generated:
  2. 6) And copy it into the iFrame embed widget that you added previously:
That way, you can have a Spreadsheet showing in your form for presentation purposes or for when you need to let your users to add information to the Spreadsheet.
Here is a demo form you can try:
For any further questions, you might have, please reach us in our Support forum or in the comments below.
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