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How to Share Forms with Other Users on Enterprise Server

How to Share Forms with Other Users on Enterprise Server

JotForm For Teams allows you to share forms between users within your dedicated server. 

Step 1: Go to your ACCOUNT'S SETTINGS page.

Step 2: Proceed to SHARING tab, then click Share with Another User button:

Step 3: Enter the email address of a user you would like to share forms with. 

Step 4: Choose a sharing option. Here you would need to decide whether you would like to share all your forms or specific ones. 

Once you choose ‘Select from my forms’ option, you will see a table to set access permissions:

  • View Submissions allows a user to review form submissions and reports 

  • Edit Form provides access to form builder, where a user can edit/delete/create forms or change form settings

Step 5: Once you have selected forms and set the sharing options, please complete the setup by clicking the green Share button and that’s it. Each user would appear in your Sharing list as shown below:

Another user will receive an invitation email to manage your forms:

From now on, this user can see shared forms under Shared with you section on the left of My Forms page:

If you wish to remove a User from Sharing list, just go back to your Account's Settings page, select the user, then click the DELETE USER button.

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