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How to Share Forms with Other Users on Enterprise Server

How to Share Forms with Other Users on Enterprise Server

JotForm For Teams allows you to share forms with other users of your dedicated server:

All forms present on a server can be managed by server ADMIN, but in this guide we will explain sharing options available to all server USERS. 

How to Share Access to Individual Forms

If your intention is to share individual forms, steps below should be of help

Step 1 Go to your account's SETTINGS page
Account Settings Page

Step 2 Proceed to SHARING tab, then click Share with Another User button
Share with Another User

Step 3 Enter the email address of a user you would like to share forms with
Step 4 Choose a sharing option. Here you would need to decide whether you would like to share all your forms or specific ones

Once you have chosen ‘Select from my forms’ option, you will see a table to set access permissions:
  ›››  View Submissions allows a user to review and edit form submissions 
  ›››  Edit Form provides access to form builder, where the user can edit forms or change form settings
    Sharing Forms and Folders

    Step 5 Once you have selected forms and set the sharing options, please complete the setup by clicking the green Share button under the table and that’s it. Each user would appear in your Sharing list as shown below:
    Shared Forms

    Another user will receive an invitation email to manage your forms:
    Sharing Forms and Folders

    From now on, this user can see shared forms under SHARED WITH YOU section on the left of My Forms page:
    Shared with You

    How to Share Access to a Folder on Enterprise Server

    If you prefer to keep forms organized in a folder structure, you might find it useful to share access to some folders with the other users on your Enterprise server

    The below steps will help you to quickly share access to a specific folder
    First, please select a folder that needs to be shared and click an arrow icon right after folder name. Then, select 'Share Folder' from a dropdown menu:
    Share Folder

    This would take you to 'Sharing' page of your account settings. The folder you have chosen will be automatically selected for sharing, so you only need to complete the process by entering email of another user and clicking green Share button under the list of forms:

    Share Folder

    Once done,  a user will see the shared folder on their dashboard under SHARED WITH YOU section

    How to Transfer Forms and Data to Another Account at Enterprise Server

    Users on JotForm Enterprise are able to transfer the ownership of one oftheir forms to another user on the Enterprise server, if need be. Here are the steps to do so:

    First, please make sure that the other account (target account) is sharing access with your account (source account). It would be enough if a user creates an empty folder and shares it with you 

    Once done, you should see a shared folder at your My Forms dashboard. Shared folder would have a username of account that is sharing it

    To move a form to another user, you can simply drag and drop it into to the shared folder
    Transfer Form

    Afterwards, just confirm the transfer and that's it. From now on, the form and its data belong to a different user
    Transfer Form

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      I did an online application for hiring but I don't know how to share to applicant. They are saying they don't see one.

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