How to Set Up the Spreadsheet Widget?

June 23, 2022

In situations where spreadsheet data needs to be collected, analyzed, and submitted in a simple spreadsheet format, the Spreadsheet widget is the ideal tool you can use. Your form users can now submit structured data sets that can be used in a spreadsheet – or for any purpose where cell-value data sets are critical.

In this guide, we will show you how to set up the Spreadsheet widget.

1. In the form builder, search for Spreadsheet under the Widgets tab and drag/drop it to add in the form.

The Spreadsheet widget has the following options:

Number of rows. To display how many rows you want to add.

Number of columns. To display how many columns you want to add. 

Column Labels. You can use this section to show a different label instead of the letters. This is optional. 

Default values. In this section, you can add a label for each cell in the spreadsheet. 

Read-only. If you to prevent users from editing the cell data. This section is where you will input the cell position. i.e. A3 – to disable Column A, Row 3.

3. The first three options are manageable, so let’s start with the Default Values box. Here’s an example:

Column D, Row 2 is filled with a default value of $1500. In the settings, you need to add the following:

D2 $1500.00 – Column Letter combines with the Row Number then space then the value.

In the same box, you can also assign a calculation value for a specific cell. The calculation formula will only need to start with the Column Letter and Row Number and followed by an equal sign (=) then the equation of cells.  Here’s an example:

The total is placed on Column D, Row 1. The formula is like this:

d1 = a1 + b1 + c1

***Note that the Spreadsheet widget supports Match Functions as referenced from the link below:

4. For the Read-Only option. As explained above, this section allows you to set cells as non-editable. This is useful if there is a calculation on some cells and if you want that the result cannot be edited.

So, let’s say, based on the above calculation, we want Column D, Row 1 to be read-only. In the widget, just add D1 in the box.

Click the Update Widget at the bottom to make sure that the changes are saved. And that would be all of the configurations.

You can see the demo form here:

Do you have any questions regarding the steps or are you experiencing issues with the widget? Please let us know in the comment box below or create a thread to our support forum

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