What is the PDF Converter?

PDF Converter allows you to convert your PDF Form to online form. Once your PDF form is converted, you can collect responses with your online form and have your responses as PDF documents while retaining the original PDF layout.

After the conversion is complete you can share your online form with all the JotForm's online form benefits such as responsiveness, customization, accessibility.

Please note that PDF Converter accepts documents with up to 25 pages.

Let’s walk you through the process.

Uploading your PDF

First, you need to upload your form into the PDF Converter.

1) Click Create Form on My Forms Page.

2) Click Import Form

3) Select the Import PDF Form: Convert your PDF to an online form option.

4) Upload your PDF.

Building Your Form

After the upload is successful PDF Converter will take you to the Build Step, where you'll see the online form and the Original PDF side by side.

From here you can make adjustments in both your Online form and PDF such as connecting fields and adding missing and new fields, deleting fields, etc.

Once you are in the Build step, you can make adjustments on both your online form and PDF. You can add missing fields or new fields or delete problematic fields to correct and match your forms.

You can refer to our guide on Connecting Fields for further information.

🔘 How to Connect Your Online Form Fields with PDF's?

Keep in mind that, our online forms are not designed to look like printed classical forms, this is why after the conversion your Online form might not look like your original uploaded PDF.

You can also use PDF Converter to completely convert your PDF forms into standalone online forms by utilizing the connection options! 

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We hope that you find this guide helpful and if you require any further assistance feel free to contact us!

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  • reallydolly

    Hi, I built a jotform (I did not convert it from a pdf) can I get some of that data to my existing pdf? Or is this only possible when creating a jotform from a pdf?

  • ameronuck

    I a looking for a way to convert a JotForm form into a PDF once it has been submitted by a client. How do I do that? Thank you!

  • martrinpetrillo

    I successfully Converted a PDF to an online form. How can I change the font type and size in the pdf fields?

  • clinicamdesarrollo


  • MVR2020

    My document is a simple Tavel and it won’t upload

  • ccolonrivera

    Loading the PDF takes forever and sometimes it doesn't even load at all causing us to be at a standstill for uploading our docs.