How to Change a Preview Image when you Share a Form on Social Media

April 13, 2023

With Jotform you can choose the preview image you’d like to show when you post a form on social media. Social media platforms use a protocol called Open Graph, which essentially converts elements from other web pages into elements you can interact with on different websites. Jotform supports Open Graph protocol, but there are some limitations because each social media platform uses its own parameters and restrictions for previewing images. So please keep those in mind as you’re creating your form. Here are some parameters for the most commonly used social media sites:

PlatformImage SizeImage RatioImage TypeImage File SizeReference Document
FacebookMin: 200 x 200 px
Recommended Min.: 1200 x 630 px
Page Post Min: 600 x 315 px
1.91:1 or closeJPG, PNG, WEBP, or GIF8 MBImages in Link Shares
Min: 300 x 157 px
Max: 4096 x 4096 px
Less than 2:1JPG, PNG, WEBP, or GIF5 MB
Summary Card with Large Image
LinkedInMin: 1200 x 627 px
JPG, PNG, WEBP, or GIF5 MBMake your website shareable on LinkedIn
iMessageIcon min: 108 x 108px
Image Min: 900 x * px
1-5 MBBest Practices for Link Previews in Messages
WhatsAppMin: 300 x 200 pxJPG, PNG, WEBP, or GIF300 Kb
OutlookMin: 300 x 200 pxJPG, PNG, WEBP, or GIF300 Kb

How to Add an Image to your Form

  1. Once you have an image that meets the above criteria, upload your image to the Form Builder and click Add Logo at the very top of the Form Builder.
Form Builder with an arrow pointing to the Add Your Logo button at the very top

Once it’s uploaded, you’ll be able to see it at the top.

Form Builder with an image at the very top of the page

How to Add that Form to Social Media

  1. Go to the Publish tab and click Quick Share. Then find the social media platform you’d like to share your form on. In this example we’re going to use Facebook.
Image of the Publish Tab within the Form Builder
  1. Another window will pop-up with your account, you’ll have to log into your social media account if you haven’t already. Make sure everything looks okay and click Post to Facebook.
Form Builder with a smaller Facebook pop-up window open at the same time

Now your form is on social media with the preview photo of your choice! If you’re still seeing the Jotform logo you may want to clear your cache and double check that your image fits the criteria defined earlier.

Image of a Facebook post with a form link and personalized preview image

If you’re still having trouble, please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Support, we’re here to help!

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