How to Change Settings in Jotform Teams

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As a Team Admin, you can access your team’s settings page and make changes to your team’s general settings, which include the team’s name and unique URL in Jotform Teams. You can also manage the roles of each team member and change your team’s privacy settings.

You have two ways to access your team’s settings; My Forms page and Team Workspace.

On My Forms page:

  1. On the right side of your team’s name, click the Kebab menu (three dots menu).
  2. Click the Team Settings from the options to open the settings page.

On the Team Workspace, click the Team Settings button at the bottom-left of the team’s workspace page, as shown in the below image.


On the team settings page, you’ll find the following sections:

General Settings

The General Settings tab is where you can change the Team Name and Custom URL. It’s where you can also delete the team if you wish to.


Click the Edit link at the right side of each option to edit. Click the Delete Team button to delete.

Team Members

On the Team Members tab, you can add or remove a team member or change their role in your team.


To add, click the Add New Team Member button. To remove, select the team from the list and click the Remove from Team button. To change their role, click the User Role button on the right side of the team member and choose their new role from the dropdown list. For more information on managing team members, visit this guide.

Team Activity Log

You’ll find your team’s activity through the Team Activity Log tab. You can filter the activities according to date, members and actions:


Privacy Settings

Under the Privacy Settings, you can change your team’s visibility and the default role of a new member if they join your team.


Under Team Privacy, you’ll find two options, namely:

  • Organization Visible — Choosing this type of privacy means your team will be visible on the list of Teams available under your organization. Under this option, you’ll also find the Team Workspace Visibility, which controls the visibility of the entire team’s workspace. If you toggle this to Off, the team will still be available to the list of teams but not viewable to non-members.
  • Private Team — Choosing this option will exclude the team from the list of teams visible under your organization, regardless of the role.
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