How to Create a Multipage App with Jotform Apps

November 16, 2021

Jotform Apps allows you to create a multipage app, just like our Form Builder allows you to create multipage forms. You can use this feature in the app builder to create sections and organize elements of your app.

Once you’ve created your app and added an element to it, you can add a new page. You’ll see the + Add New Page button at the bottom of your app builder page. Click on it to start.

Jotform App Builder - Add New Page

On the newly added page, you’ll see its label in the top-left corner. You’ll also see a navigation bar at the bottom of the app builder tab. The navigation bar allows you to navigate through the pages, rename pages, and add new pages by clicking the + Add Page button.

By default, new pages are labeled Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, etc. You can rename each page to make it easier to navigate the app.

Next, add your elements to the new page, and that’s it!

In the app view, a list of your pages will be visible in the menu at the top left. Your users will have to click or tap the menu icon to view and navigate to your app pages.

Jotform App Builder - Page Menu

Here’s a quick screencast of the whole process of adding pages to your app:

View a demo of the multipage app.

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