How to Enroll in Jotform Academy

February 1, 2024

Now, you can get Jotform-certified with Jotform Academy. Our certificate program will teach you everything you need to know about Jotform. Take each course to earn a badge, once you’ve completed all your courses, you can earn a Jotform Certificate. When you earn a certificate you can display it on LinkedIn to show everyone your Jotform expertise.

  1. Under support, go to Jotform Academy.
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  1. Click Get Started. Then you’ll be taken to our Certificate Programs.
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  1. Choose the course you want to take and click Enroll.
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  1. Take a peek at the Program Objectives, and click Enroll one more time. You need to be logged in to complete the enrollment process.
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  1. When you’re taking the course, you can go to the transcript tab to read along with the video, and be sure to check out the Session Overview tab for a summary of what you’re going to learn.
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Once you watch all the videos in the course you can take the quiz to earn a badge. Keep in mind that you have to score 80 percent or higher to earn your badge and move onto the next section. If you score less than 80 percent, you can take the quiz again after four hours. Have fun learning!

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