How to Give Roles to Your Team Members

February 22, 2024

With Jotform Teams, you can change the roles and permissions of your Enterprise server’s team members.

To assign roles to your team members

  1. Log in to your team admin account.
  2. In My Forms, open your team’s menu on the left.
  3. Select Manage Members from the menu.
Steps to manage members in Jotform Teams
  1. In the Manage Members dialog, choose and assign your members’ roles.
Assigning role in Jotform Teams

Here are the available roles and permissions:

How to Give Roles to Your Team Members Image-1
  • Team Admin — Can manage team assets and members.
  • Data Collaborator — Can view forms and manage submissions.
  • Data Viewer — Can view submissions only.
  • Creator — Can manage forms only.

You can also manage your members from your team’s settings and workspace pages. See Managing Team Members for more information.

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