How to Import Wufoo Forms to Jotform

March 26, 2024

Importing your forms and data from Wufoo is made possible with Jotform’s Wufoo import tool. The process is relatively straightforward — clicking buttons and providing your Wufoo API key as confirmation and authentication. In time, you’ll have your forms and data migrated, empowering them with advanced tools and functionalities that Jotform offers.

Follow the steps below to import your Wufoo forms and data to Jotform.

  1. Go to the Wufoo migration portal.
  2. Click the Migrate Your Forms to Jotform button.
Jotform's Wufoo migration portal with the Migrate your forms to Jotform button
  1. Authorize Jotform to access your account by clicking the Allow button.
Jotform authorization to access account
  1. Provide your Wufoo Username and API Key on the next screen. To get your Wufoo API Key, visit Wufoo – API Information.
  2. Click the Authenticate button to start fetching your forms and data.
Import authentication window with the boxes for Wufoo Username and API Key
  1. At this step, the page will tell you your number of forms and the data. Click the Import button to proceed.
Import confirmation of the forms and data to be migrated to Jotform

If there is no error, the migration is done. You should see the below confirmation with the button to go to the My Forms page.

Migration complete window with the View Migrated Forms button to access the My Forms page
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