How to Prefill a Form Using the Data from Pipedrive?

March 7, 2022

Pipedrive is a sales CRM and project management platform designed to help businesses be more productive and boost revenue. With Jotform’s Pipedrive Prefill, you can automatically pre-populate form fields with Leads or Organization data from your Pipedrive account.

Below are the steps to set up the Pipedrive Prefill.

1. In the form builder, go to the Publish tab.

2. Click the Prefill option.

3. Choose and click the Pipedrive Prefill from the list.

4. Connect your Pipedrive account by clicking the Authenticate button. You will be asked to log in to your Pipedrive account and authorize the connection request.

5. With Pipedrive Prefill, you can select two list options:

  • People
  • Organization

Once the list is selected, the common fields such as the Name, Email, and Phone are mapped automatically. If you want to match more fields, you can click on the Add More button. Click the Save Settings button to start creating prefilled URLs.

6. Click any of the Add a New Prefill buttons to view the list from your Pipedrive account. There will be a popup that displays the list.

7. You can select all or select individual records from the list. Once the items are selected, click the Create button.

While you can select all records, you can only create 20 Prefilled URLs at a time. Therefore, selecting all and clicking the Create button will not work. Instead, you will receive a message indicating the limit.

8. The Prefilled URLs are now created. You can preview the prefilled form by clicking the URL under the prefill name as highlighted from the screenshot below and see the form with prefilled information.

9. By default, users can edit the pre-filled data. If you do not want users to edit the data, you can change the permission to Read Only.

  1. Click Can Edit dropdown.
  2. Select the Read Only option.

10. Select the prefill entries you want to share. At this point, there are three options:

  • Download All. Click this button to export the prefill items as a CSV file. The CSV file include name and prefill URL.
  • Send Invitation. Choose and click this button if you wish to start sending the prefilled URLs to their respective owners.
  • Delete. Click the button if you wish to delete a prefilled URL from the list.

When you click the Send Invitation button, a popup window will appear, and the Recipient box is automatically filled with the email address of each record from your Pipedrive list. It is optional, but you can also add a message. Once ready, click the Send Invitation button at the bottom of the window.

You can select all Prefilled URLs, but note you can only send an invitation to up to five (5) people at a time. Selecting more than this number will display an error message.

On individual Prefilled URL, clicking the Kebab (3 vertical dots) menu will allow you to do the following:

  • Send Invitation: If you want to send the prefilled URL individually or wish to resend it to the recipient.
  • Copy URL: If you want to copy the URL for other purpose.
  • Rename: If you want to change the name of the Prefilled URL.
  • Delete: To delete the prefilled URL.

Pipedrive Prefill supports the following fields only:

  • Text: Name, Email, Address, Short Text, Long Text
  • Large Text: Name, Email, Address, Short Text, Long Text
  • Email: Email, Short Text, Long Text
  • Phone: Phone, Number, Short Text, Long Text
  • Address: Address, Short Text, Long Text
  • Single Option: Dropdown, Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Short Text, Long Text
  • Multiple Options: Dropdown, Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Short Text, Long Text
  • Numerical: Phone, Number, Scale Rating, Spinner, Short Text, Long Text

If you have questions, suggestions, or having difficulty setting up the Pipedrive Prefill, kindly comment below or contact us by creating a support ticket.

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