Online Polling for Classrooms

Create your own online polls for your classroom with Jotform’s easy-to-use online poll creator. Drag and drop to build and design your poll to match your needs. Collect responses from any device, track and manage results, and create professional reports from your responses.


Explore Free Classroom Poll Surveys

Not sure how to create your own online classroom polls? No problem! Just choose one of our ready-made poll templates to get started. Add your questions, customize the look and feel, and then send to your students to start collecting responses.

Class Poll

Template class-poll
Template class-poll

Top 25 College Football Poll

Template top-25-college-football-poll
Template top-25-college-football-poll

Student Representative Nomination Form

Template student-representative-nomination-form
Template student-representative-nomination-form


Build Polls for Classroom in Minutes

Create and Customize Your Polls

Bangun jajak pendapat kelas profesional dengan mudah menggunakan Jotform — satu pertanyaan dalam satu waktu. Seret dan lepas untuk menambahkan pertanyaan jajak pendapat Anda sendiri, membuat perubahan konten dan tampilan, dan berbagi jajak pendapat dengan kelas Anda untuk mengumpulkan masukan penting.

Tambahkan Logika Bersyarat

Create a more enjoyable poll experience for your students by adding conditional logic to your forms. Set up conditional logic based on each of your students’ responses to automatically present questions that apply to the individual responder.

Manage Polls in One Central Place

Collect and manage poll responses from one easy-to-use platform. Jotform makes it simple to create and personalize polls, analyze poll data, generate poll reports, and much more.

Maintain Educational Privacy

Ensure that your students’ data is safe and secure. With Jotform, your forms are automatically encrypted and benefit from a 256-bit SSL connection, PCI compliance, and GDPR and CCPA compliance. For HIPAA and FERPA compliance, consider upgrading to our handy Enterprise plan.


Apa yang dikatakan pengguna kami tentang Jotform

This is the best tool ever!!! When we were looking for a solution for online registrations, options that we saw involved spending thousands of dollars with no easy customization - it involved paying developers for their time! With Jotform, you can make changes yourself and don't need a whole lot of experience in developing or coding! Love it and will probably continue using it for many years to come!

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Pelajari Lebih Lanjut Jajak Pendapat Online untuk Kelas

Semua pertanyaan Anda tentang Jotform — terjawab. Lihat FAQ kami untuk jawaban atas pertanyaan umum, atau hubungi tim dukungan kami untuk informasi lebih lanjut.

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What is polling in online classes?

Polling in online classes is when an instructor or student in an online course or class creates a poll to survey the class on various topics relating to the course.

How do you create a poll in a classroom?

To create a poll for your classroom, first log into your Jotform account. Start from scratch or use one of our ready-made poll/survey templates. From there, use our intuitive Form Builder to add your own polling questions, upload assets, and more. Then send your poll to your students via direct link or QR code, or by linking to the poll in your online education portal.

How can I create student polls for free?

It’s easy to create your own student polls for free with Jotform. Simply log into your Jotform account and choose a ready-made poll template, or start from scratch. Customize the poll to match your branding, input your specific questions, and send it off to your students — all for free.

What are some fun polling questions?

The questions you ask will depend on the type of class you teach and/or the ages of your students.

Some great basic and fun questions for any class are

  • What was your favorite thing you learned in this class?
  • What did you like/dislike about this class?
  • If you could change one thing about this class, what would it be?

What are the different types of polling?

Jotform offers many different types of online polls. Here are some examples of different types of polling:

1. Image poll

Need to choose a winning project or pick a field trip location? Create a quick image poll and hold a vote to find the winning design.

2. Scheduling poll

Gather responses about the best time to meet with your students for office hours using an easy scheduling poll.

3. Video poll

Want your class to choose a winning video project? Try holding a video poll to decide.

4. Jajak pendapat tanggal ujian

Find the best date for your exam by polling your students.

5. Opinion poll

Need to take a quick pulse survey to gauge your students’ opinions on course material or other topics? Try an opinion poll to gather that data.

6. Quick poll

Quick polls are an efficient, streamlined way to get your students to choose something quickly.

7. Voting poll

Pick a winner with a straightforward voting poll all your students can take part in.

8. Straw poll

Straw polls are unofficial votes — you can use them to learn about popular student opinions and develop a structure for your courses.