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    Asked on March 12, 2017 at 10:30 PM
    I've fixed the first issue that I emailed about
    but it has caused another problem (up until now I haven't had any problems
    and haven't had to look at the form because it's just worked).
    *For some reason, none of the JotForm emails are getting to my email
    account - - since fixing
    the 1st issue. The 'thanks for submitting' email no longer reaches my
    hotmail account either.*
    *- *I have not changed anything with my email account and have not blocked
    any emails/senders whatsoever.
    I have changed the email address of the notification email to my other
    email address - - to test the email and this has worked
    fine. The 'thanks for submitting' email does reach the hotmail account of
    another family member that I've tested it on.
    My primary email address is the hotmail account so I would like to try and
    get it working again. *Emails have stopped coming through to my hotmail
    account since I fixed the first issue that I contacted you about - it
    worked once but I tested it a few times because I made a few wording
    changes to the automatic emails - after a few submissions the emails
    stopped coming. Maybe something I have done has caused a problem but I'm
    not an idiot and I can't see what I might have done to cause this other
    Would you mind having another look at my account at the 'Contact Us' form.
    I don't know why these problems are happening JotForm has worked fine for
    the years that I've been using it already! (The contact form has been
    taking submissions because they're listed and they're being saved as PDFs
    in my Google Drive)
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    Answered on March 12, 2017 at 10:32 PM was IN the bounce list Reason(s) : smtp; 550 SC-001 (SNT004-MC11F16) Unfortunately,


    I had removed the email from bounce list. You can remove yourself by following the instructions provided at :

    This usually happens when the messages are rejected by your email service provider. Our servers will try several times to deliver the messages for a given time-frame, but if the delivery constantly fails, it will mark it as "old", "rejected" or similar, and it will store your recipient email address in our bounce list. To prevent email bouncing related issues please read :

    In addition, you can find our mail server domain list from this guide: may consider adding the list on your whitelist settings. 

    If the issue continues, our best recommendation to avoid email bouncing issues is to use your own SMTP settings for the sender email:

    Please observe your email activity from here on. You may also check your email activity to see the status of the email deliveries from your forms by following this guide:

    Let us know if you have more questions regarding the same