40 Photoshop Add-ons: Discover Actions, Filters, Plugins, and Panels

Photoshop can be expanded in nearly every way imaginable. There are the large plugins, effectively supporting Photoshop as independent programs, actions that act out previously defined command sequences, and the panels, which offer functions in their own control panels. This turns an already powerful image editor into a far larger, customized program.

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ON1 Effects 10.5

Photoshop plugin with dozens of filters, presets, frames, and textures for the realization of an image style.

© ON1


Both as an addon, as well as directly within the browser: Flaticon not only allows for the selection of high-quality icons in flat design but also provides a rudimentary customization.

© Flaticon


Composer can refresh multiple layers with a single click. This allows you to change the position, the layer styles, visibility, or everything at once.

© jasonforal.com

CSS3 Plugin

A plugin that converts layers into CSS3. Perfect for web designers.

© CSS3Ps

Long Shadow Generator

A Photoshop panel to create loooooooong shadows with.


App Design Mockups

If you have created the most beautiful app interface and would like to see how it looks on your phone, this is the page for you.

© http://blazrobar.com

Isometric Transform Tool

Isometric is a free Photoshop plugin for the transformation of individual shapes in isometric perspectives.

© the-orange-box.com


At the touch of a button, this Photoshop panel provides us with display options, regarding aspects like an element’s measurements, or its colors, for instance.

© Chrometaphore


A single click turns a pixel graphic into a path or vector.

© the-orange-box.com


This adds a massive palette of tools for realistic drawing and painting to Photoshop.

© http://nkurence.com

Color CC

No direct add-on for Photoshop, but an ingenious service that adds color schemes to the service that can be implemented into the program.

© Adobe

Subtle Patterns

Subtle patterns to fill backgrounds or use as a texture.

© toptal.com


Make it flat! Turn three-dimensional graphics into 2D-style picture elements.

© skeuomorphism.it

HDR Aktion

Photoshop action that can create an HDR simulation from a single photo.

© thecoffeeshopblog.com

Blue Evening

Dark, blue shadows and yellow highlights are the results of this Photoshop action.

© photographypla.net

Forest actions exclusive

Color variants in yellow, green, or beige tones, thanks to the action Forest Action.

© eliseenchanted.deviantart.com

Remove the banding of Photoshop Gradients

When drawing gradients, it often comes to level effects. This action helps to reduce them.

© Jeff Broderick

Action Preset

Different free actions for the realization of retro effects.

© upliftactions.com

Engraved Illustration Effect

Here, a photo is turned into an engraved graphic. A complex, but free action for Photoshop.

© rawimage.deviantart.com

iOS Blur

A simulation of the iPhone screen’s typical blur effect.

© blugraphic.com

Stitched Denim Generator

An action that whipstitches a piece of “denim” in a creative way.

© Graphicsoulz

Matte Photoshop Action

This action turns colorful images into a heavily desaturated version, creating a pretty retro look.

© shutterpulse.com

Wallpaper Maker

Here, a wallpaper is automatically exported into plenty of formats and resolutions.

© https://dribbble.com/shots/1822345-Wallpaper-Maker

ScreenShot Photoshop Action

Simulation of a screenshot from a diagonal point of view.

© Vasjen Katro


Artistic effect that creates a painted style.

© Nuwan Panditha

Layer to SVG

Conversion of vector graphics into the SVG format.

© hackingui.com


Another action to reduce the so-called bending.

© nomorebanding.com

Free Glitch Photoshop Action

A short image interference in video games is called a glitch. This action simulates this exact effect.

© Syed Faraz Ahmad


A typical duotone effect. Two colors colorate photos in creative ways.

© Zi Jewel

Vintage Photo

A free photo effect that makes for a cool vintage look.

3D Action

A flat 2D graphic is turned into a 3D shape via a button push.

© vandelaydesign.com

Free Color Moderator Photoshop

These actions result in lovely color plays. Duotone effects or bleached versions are available to choose from.

© Photoshop Action
This article is originally published on Apr 20, 2017, and updated on Jan 26, 2023.
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