A Day in the Life of a Jotform UX Designer

I am a UX Designer at JotForm. My job here is to listen to and analyze our users and try to create happy experiences for them. I am trying to find more creative and effective methods every day. It is hard to describe a typical day at Jotform because every day is a different day with different tasks, which is what I love about it.

8:00 am: I jump out of bed with my phone alarm and get into the shower. Eat a quick breakfast and read some good stories on Medium. I like starting my day with a good design post, because it helps me wake my brain up.

9:00 am: Come into the office and make coffee before start working.

designers making coffee

9:15 am: I check my emails and be sure all of them have been answered. Then I check my to do lists. We use Trello for our team assignments which help us to organize our tasks and help us manage our time more efficiently. I simply love Trello!

a trello board for designers

I also use Sunrise App for planing my daily schedule, which I recommend to everyone.

daily plans via Sunrise app

9:30 am: A quick motivational meeting with my team. It is a quick chat. We answer some simple questions: “What we’ve done yesterday?” and “What are we going to do today?”. We set up some small daily goals during these meetings.

daily designer meeting

9:45 am: I start working on small corrections and redesigns for my current project. I try to clear my to do list.


10:00 am: I start working on my new assignments with brainstorming and sketching. I spend two hours working on the new Form Builder Publish Wizard and try to come up with some fresh ideas to share with my team.

12:00 am: After going through a few new ideas on our Publish Wizard and listening to the latest feedback from my teammates, it’s time to eat lunch with them!

lunch with teammates

1:30 pm: My typical design process is planning, inspiration research and then visual design. So, now it is time to dive into Photoshop to do some visual design.

form design

I regularly share my designs with my teammates on Slack to get their opinions. Having fresh opinions on my design is an important part of my design process.

slack conversation between designers

4:00 pm: Today, the entire team meets to give each other an update about their development progress and provide each other feedback.

team presentation

5:00 pm: It is time to talk about the feedback we got earlier. We talk about “What we’ve finished today?”, “What are we going to do tomorrow?” and “Is everything going according to the plan?”

planning daily tasks on the board

5:30 pm: I get stuck on something, and I ask other designers to walk through the problem with me and help me find new ideas. It is great to have them when I need them.

designers brainstorming

9:30 pm: I believe every designer should look other designer portfolios at least 15 minutes every day for inspiration. Looking at some of my favorite designers portfolios on Behance.net helps me reset my mind.

designer portfolio on behance

Also, I have a Twitter List called ‘‘UI / UX Design Posts’’ and I added my favorite design and designer accounts to my list. It helps me learn more and more every day from them.

Twitter posts on design

Finally, as I mentioned before every day is different and every day is a different challenge, but a good team makes things beautiful. We’re all in this together, and we all want to make Jotform better each and every day.

I've passion for designing User Experience and User Interfaces; understanding and designing new user experiences. And push my self to manage multiple projects and creation of better concepts everyday. You can reach me through this contact form.

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