Announcing major updates to Jotform’s Google Sheets integration

Announcing major updates to Jotform’s Google Sheets integration

Did you know that Google Sheets is the most popular Jotform integration? Since 2012, Jotform users have been able to automatically populate spreadsheets with submissions from their favorite forms.

But today we’re happy to announce some major improvements to the integration that will make your collected data easier to sort, manage, and share with colleagues.

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Read below to learn what you can now do with the updated integration.

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A look at the new Google Sheets integration setup, where you can choose between using an existing spreadsheet or creating a new one, customize which fields to send to the spreadsheet, name the worksheet and spreadsheet, and add multiple forms.

Update an existing spreadsheet

This option lets you merge all the data you collect through your form to a spreadsheet that’s already live. The new information will populate a new sheet, which appears as a tab at the bottom of the existing spreadsheet. Now you don’t have to start over if you want to add form information to a spreadsheet you’ve already been using.

Just so you know

Update the way you collect and organize data by trying our updated Google Sheets integration for free!

Add multiple forms to the same sheet

Now you can add multiple forms to the same spreadsheet and compile all of the data you collect into a single spreadsheet that you can share with your colleagues.

Imagine creating a master spreadsheet for all of your hiring. One spreadsheet can contain all of the applications from your application forms, all of the screening notes from your screening forms, and all of the candidate interview evaluations from your evaluation forms. It’s all in one place now because of the reimagined integration with Google Sheets.

Customize which information populates your spreadsheet

The earlier version of the integration sent all of your form responses to Google Sheets. But the update allows for much more customization. Simple checkboxes allow you to configure the columns in your spreadsheet so that your form only sends exactly what you want it to.

Take the hiring spreadsheet example. Maybe you collect salary information from candidates in the application form but don’t want to share that information with the rest of your team. Now you have the option of excluding that field so that it remains confidential.

Other great new or improved features include

  • Syncing edits you make to your submissions with the information in the sheet
  • Automatic notifications in case there’s an authentication error
  • Custom worksheet names
  • The ability to change the column order without disrupting anything
  • The option to send existing form submissions to Google Sheets or not


See how this looks with a live demo. Below are a couple of forms that we’ve integrated into the embedded Google Sheets spreadsheet below. Both forms are merged into the new spreadsheet under different tabs. Fill out either form and see for yourself as the information automatically goes to Google Sheets.

Demo Form #1

Demo Form #2

Are you currently using Jotform’s Google Sheets integration? We’d love to hear what you think about the updates in the comments below.

Chad is a former VP of Marketing and Communications at Jotform. He’s also a frequent contributor to various tech and business publications, and an absolute wizard with a Vitamix. He holds a master’s degree in communication and resides with his wife and cats in Oakland, California.

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