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How to use Custom Domains with Jotform

How to use Custom Domains with Jotform

Let's assume that your website is and you want to use subdomain for your forms, for example:

In order to accomplish this, please follow these steps:

Warning: If you are not familiar with DNS, please contact with your DNS/Hosting provider before changing your DNS.

1. To use your own domains with Jotform, add a DNS record:

Add a CNAME record which points to with your domain or subdomain.

For the example above, here is how it will look like in the DNS record: CNAME

2: Now, instead of using the regular form URL you got from our Publish section.

You will be able to load the form with a customized domain:

Your DNS settings will indicate the browser that the real location of the form is at our domain

Note: HTTPS (SSL) is not supported.

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  • goblehpg

    Is there any way to do this (or something similar) but have HTTPS supported?

  • multiv

    Why is there no support on HTTPS?

    How do I get another old http connection because have the DNS setting as above is already done. It doesn't work if I do is sent back to

    I remember that this was not a problem in 2012, what's changed exactly?

  • SouthernAthletics

    can you all post a video showing us how this is done?

  • lapordiriankara

    how to make form layout on the right side or left side ? because i tried to apply many theme whose has right or left layout, and install to my form. but the result still same, in the center..

  • himanshualexis012

    Does it support HTTPS now?

  • blueswellmarketing

    Not working, any help?

  • bandwango

    Is HTTPS supported now?

  • bugra_cc

    It's been soo many years and I'm still waiting for https support for this :(

  • samh93

    Will this still work for UK domains? (

  • hannahevans

    I am having difficulties with Stage 2 - I have added the CNAME correctly - but I can't seem to see how I can then change the name of my form - as it still maintains the jotform prefix and only allows me to change the end part.

    Also, as we are taking payments on some of our forms, are we best not to change the domain names from a SSL point of view?

    Thanks in advance!

  • jamessuccess

    do you have a step by step tutorial on how to tdo this please?

  • miamiopentour

    Followed instructions correctly and not using SSL. Help?

  • Cathy

    As SSL is not supported if we use own domain, I would like to ask if my website is SSL encrypted and I create a sub-domain for the form, will the form then be SSL encrypted because my website is encrypted?


  • cathywong

    Hi under which price plan can I customised the domain? Thanks.

  • Shorten URLs

    Your information about How t9o use Custom Domains is Useful for us But I have a Link That Providing Custom Domains Services may be this one goes viral more than your idea.

  • jimmykohcy

    Hi, is this method still valid?

  • dimaxpab

    Is it possible to do with a link purchased from google domains but not set up with a website?

  • syncadmin

    Today, Wix, squarespace, pagecloud, zoho, all provide group SSL certs (Wix in beta testing). Why can't jotform support ssl in this way. Zoho does this exact thing with custom domains and SSLs it up in 3-5 business days.

  • tipsyphoto

    I have followed instructions tho it seems to be directed to the homepage

  • MSMUwebmaster

    Now that all forms are default to SSL, how can I use custom domains? I do not see a way to turn off SSL for forms when I publish.

  • trinypl

    Hello, does it work also with forms stored in EU (at

  • walsonpr


    I use custom domains with jotforms and it all works fine. What I would like to do is use the same process for viewing reports. Is it possible?

  • mpressivewebdesign

    I did step 1 (added CNAME) but I get stuck at step 2 (change JotForm url)
    How do I change the form URL? It only lets me customize it with a username. Trying to use my own domain.

  • sourcerie

    I've successfully added the new DNS, but how do I do step 2, that is, change the name of the jotform URL so that it's Within jotform, "publish" only changes form's name from to

  • jhoelker

    I'm using site5 and still having difficulty making this work. Any help?

  • SuportePink

    I followed the instructions, it is working to open Jotform with the new subdomain, but the forms still have the JOTFORM in the name:

  • secumd

    I have added CNAME record to DNS but still cannot change the URL to include my custom domain. The only part of the URL (in Direct Link, under Publish menu) that is not grayed out is the form name (everything to the right of the "/").

  • ingenuitycc

    Another vote for the SSL w/ custom domains (critically important)!!!!!!

  • Jared

    Agreed - SSL with custom domains is a must!

  • bugra_cc

    Custom Domain function is a great but SSL support is essential! I hope you guys can figure this out soon and be even more amazing!

  • jaredb_gtn

    Are there any plans for SSL support with custom domains?

  • woodburywaves

    Is it possible to change our username? I'm trying to create a custom URL link, but I need the link to say "woodbury" and not "woodburywaves". Please advise. Thank you!

  • swetor

    I would like to say that I cannot change or edit the first part of the address Only the subdomain of the form(group here).
    Is this not available anynmore?

  • iParadigms

    I have a Jotform Pro account, so my URLs are or Would I still use as the URL to point to or should I point it to Using my form number in the URL custom2 domain does not work.


  • ilober

    Please disregard my last post. The hosting company confirmed that it has to be done through them since the primary domain's DNS is pointing to their servers.

  • ilober

    A Jotform user (client of mine) has their domain registered with GoDaddy. It is hosted by another company using the host's nameservers. I set up a CNAME entry on GoDaddy earlier today for I know the CNAME is set up correctly but it's not resolving. I know too that it can take 24-48 hours to resolve. Please verify that it's possible to add CNAME records with the registrar yet still host the primary domain elsewhere.

  • oaerdts

    Works like a charm.. Thx

  • kikirikey

    Is this option valid for secure forms ?
    I read above SSL is not supported, is this been improved now?

  • PerfilPINK

    I have my domain but I need more instructions to use my domain.
    I do not understand where do I have to go to insert the DNA and CNAME etc.
    Please help me.

  • PerfilPINK

    Where do I add a DNS record?

  • abcmanagement

    Can I get more details on steps? Here is only step1 and step 2. I do not know how to do the step 1 or 2 at all.

  • oseo5510

    with jotform, there is ALWAYS a solution. this is my motto for you guys.

    now with this feature, we can run a completely smooth and independent as well as professional html5 web app instead of our full site and just link it to proper custom urls on our own domain.



  • acizninja


    How to change url form like this:

    Thanks before

  • saaart

    This was working with my domain the last week but now I see that it is not working. What to do?

  • jgerace

    I set up the CNAME and that part works fine but my question is: On the jotform edit page at the top if you select embed and enter your new custom url it says saved but it does not appear on any of the selections including email. It still shows jofform instead of the custom url.

  • willfarrinterpreting

    My hosting service say that a CNAME must end with a period. So I tried that. Didn't work. My hosts support asked if URL forwarding was an option. Is it?

  • nioda-treasurer

    I been using and configuring DNS for years, so I can see how this works. It may have helped with the recent take-down, although the IP address is still reliant on a jotform domain, in this case In the event of another take-down are you just relying on the issuer of the notice not being smart enough to associate and

  • BJ Berli

    What considerations or changes if any are necessary for those using the source code for a form? I notice references to or .../images.

  • Bert

    Https:// gives a security warning!.

  • arthurshurn

    I created the CNAME just as you indicated. forms and in my Domain.

    Then tried a form I get an error page. Does it matter if I had created a shortcut url? I did this six hours ago and it is still not working. I have created CNAME records in the past for other things. Is this service working?