How to Set up a Conditional Branch Element with Jotform Approvals

November 17, 2021

The Conditional Branch element allows you to create multiple conditions for a single field and use them to build your approval flow. It enables you to direct your flow to perform different actions according to the condition that’s met. You can use this element instead of the If-Else Condition element.

From the Approval Elements menu, drag and drop the Conditional Branch element to the flow canvas.

Click the gear icon next to the element. Click the Add a new branch button to add the branches.

Now, set up your rule. For example:

In one branch, you can add multiple rules. To add a new rule, simply click the Add (+)icon at the top of the window (figure 1), and choose whether to match ANY or ALL of the rules to trigger the condition (figure 2):

If you wish to delete a rule, simply click the minus () icon. Don’t forget to click the Save button to save your changes. 

You can add multiple branches if you wish. 

To edit a branch, hover your mouse over the item and click the pencil icon. To delete a branch, click the gear icon and then the Delete option.

Now, you just have to link the conditional branch to your other elements. Here’s an example showing multiple branches linked to different approval steps.

On the left side, the first branch is tied to the Reason field. If the requestor chose “Personal Illness,” the request is sent to HR. 

On the right side, the second branch is also tied to the Reason field. If the requestor selected “Family Emergency” as the reason, the request is sent to the counselor. 

Note that you cannot use the same branch for multiple approval steps. As you can see from the above screenshot, the first branch is disabled. If you wish to repeat the same branch for multistep approvals or another set of approval flows, you have to add it again in the Conditional Branch settings.

In the list of branches, you’ll find Other Options. This is automatically created when you add the Conditional Branch element. It’s helpful to trigger another flow if any of the active branches aren’t met. Here’s an example:

If the Reason is neither Personal Illness nor Family Emergency, the “Other Option” is triggered, and an email is sent to the requestor asking for more information. 

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