How to Set Up a Conditional Branch in Jotform Approvals

March 18, 2024

Unlike the If/Else Condition element which can only support up to two branches (true or false), the Conditional Branch element allows you to direct your workflow to the number of conditions or branches you define. You can tailor your workflow based on specific criteria making your approval processes more flexible and efficient.

A conditional branch in Jotform Approvals

To set up a conditional branch

  1. In Jotform Approvals, add a Conditional Branch element to your workflow.
  2. Select the gear icon to open settings.
Steps to open the conditional branch settings in Jotform Approvals
  1. Add a new condition branch.
The Conditional Brance Properties dialog in Jotform Approvals
  1. Configure and save your condition.
    • The branch name is optional.
    • Select the plus icon to add a condition rule.
A conditional branch configuratio in Jotform Approvals
  1. Add another condition branch or select Save to close the dialog.
The Conditional Branch Properties dialog in Jotform Approvals
  1. Create a flow and assign a condition from your Conditional Branch. See How to Add and Connect Approval Elements for more information.
A Select Branch menu in Jotform Approvals
  1. Do the same for the rest of your configured conditions or branches.
A conditional branch flow in Jotform Approvals
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