How to Set up an If-Else Condition Element with Jotform Approvals

October 24, 2022

The If-Else Condition element allows you to change the flow of the approval process based on certain conditions. For example, you can process approvals only when a specific option is selected from a multiple-selection field or send different approvals based on the input or selection in a specific field. 

From the Elements menu, drag and drop the If-Else Condition to your workflow canvas.


Click on the Gear icon next to the element to set up your conditions.


In the opened window, set up condition for your needs. Once you’ve configured the conditions, don’t forget to click the Save button to save your changes. 


Similar to when you set up conditional logic on a form, you can add multiple rules to your approval flow. To add a new rule:

  1. Simply click on the plus(+) icon near the top of the window.
  2. Choose whether to match ANY or ALL of the rules to trigger the condition.
  3. Then, click on the Save button.

If you wish to delete a rule, simply click the minus() icon.

The If-Else Condition element has two branches: True and False. They signify whether the request matches the condition or not. After setting the condition, you can link it to the approval element.


You don’t have to set up both branches in the flow, but it is recommended, especially to notify the requestor that they don’t meet the condition and, therefore, deny their request. 

Here’s an example of the If-Else Condition element and its usage in the approval flow:


This is a leave request form where the requestor can select a reason for their leave. If the requestor chooses “Personal Illness”, that means the answer is True based on the condition. Since the condition has been met, the request is sent to the approver for approval. 

You can see that the same If-Else Condition element is linked to the Send Email element under the Deny outcome of the approval. If Personal Illness isn’t selected, the answer is False based on the condition. Since there is no further approval, the email is sent right away, and the flow is completed. 

Here’s another example of the same If-Else Condition element:


In this case, if Personal Illness isn’t selected, the request is sent to someone else for their approval.

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