How to Add and Connect Elements in a Jotform Approval Flow

January 22, 2022

After creating an approval flow, the next step is connecting the elements or adding and connecting new elements in the flow. If you’ve created the approval flow using an existing form, the elements are connected by default. 

There are a few straightforward ways to add and connect elements.

Open the Elements panel if you haven’t already by clicking on the Add Element button in the upper left.

  1. Drag and drop a new element in between existing elements.
  1. Draw a link to create a placeholder, then drag and drop the element there.
  1. Drag and drop the element outside of the connected elements and manually connect it.

If you accidentally delete the link between two elements, you can reconnect it the same way you add a new element and manually connect it. Click any of the plus signs that appear on the borders of the element, and drag the arrow that appears to the next element to connect it.

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