How to Create a Solid Customer Satisfaction Survey

October 15, 2021

Customer satisfaction surveys are both good for you and your customers. You’ll strengthen your relationships with your customers and get to solve the pain points of your business with just a customer satisfaction survey. However, do you know how to prepare a solid one?

Introduce Your Survey & Give a Completion Time

Introduction is the most important aspect of your customer satisfaction survey. People don’t want to share their private info immediately so you have to clearly state that you care for the opinion of your customers and it won’t take long taking the survey. You may give an approximate time like “5 minutes to complete” or try and test the time yourself. Either way, creating a short and precise survey is the key factor for getting better results.

Setting up the introduction

– Refer to your customer in the heading
– Put the introduction in free text(HTML) field

Introduction example:

Setting up the questions

– Create another heading to separate the introduction from the questions
– Prepare questions with radio button, checkbox, or survey tools
– Set the “must be answered” questions as a required field

Best Practices for Preparing Questions

  • The questions and options should not be confusing or too long.
  • Questions should be in a logical order.
  • General questions first, specific questions last.
  • All options should either be in ascending or descending order.

(very unhappy, unhappy, normal, happy, very happy)

Question examples:

Survey Shortening Tricks

Some additional questions that are not required to be answered should be optional for the customers. Since your survey is told to be a short one, there is no reason to bore or trick your customers with long pages of questions. This option should be included because a customer may want to write his/her own thoughts about the service/product and give further comments.

Tip 1: Using page breaks for each part/question

– Put a page break after each question or part.

Tip 2: Using form collapses for additional questions

– Put a form collapse named “Additional Questions”.
– Put desired amount of optional questions underneath the form collapse.
– You may put an extra text area for additional comments
– Put another form collapse at the end of your additional questions. Set up the visibility to “hidden” and the status “open”

Page break example:

Your customer satisfaction survey is ready for action! Please comment down for your ideas or suggestions.

Here’s the sample customer satisfaction survey from our form templates gallery. You may clone it, modify it, and use it as you wish.

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