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Print Button on Forms

Print Button on Forms

Print button on a form would allow your form user to print and obtain a hard copy of the data they fill in into the form before clicking on the submit button. Adding a print button to your form on JotForm is pretty easy. Please follow the steps below:

In the Form Builder click on the Submit button field Properties.

Then select Advanced tab and turn "ON" Print Button option.

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  • JMCGroup

    i know the default..but what about create another print button?
    Can i do it?

  • Sanjay Patil

    It is excellent for students wandering here and there they can fill and submit the forms but both the things to be there that is submit as well as print form please be replied

  • Warwick Matthews

    I wanted to know how the person who is making the form can print a hard copy of it so they can review it etc

  • HueGuru

    Is there print button or some css code available to allow the printing of just an image on a jotform instead of the entire form?

  • Patil3370

    Dear Sir How to create for print button in submit form? please reply me>
    Please urgent reply for me.

  • My_Charity

    I have created a form and would like to have the print button BEFORE the SUBMIT button please. Will you explain how I can do this?

  • Caroline VanHorn

    Is there a way to add a print button to the "Thank you" page after they submit? I added their summary there and want them to be able to print there.

  • FirstBaptistColumbusGA

    Because a mass email had gone out, I had to remove the PRINT button from the forms to keep people from trying to print when they couldn't. I had the print button on the forms and I had gone into the settings as instructed before. One of the answers was correct in that I did not have page breaks set so I will try that.

  • wdsafrica

    There is no SUBMIT properties button on the BUILD section of this form

    This form uses the 1 QUESTION PER PAGE format.

    How do we ADD the print function?

  • TomDorman

    Hey guys, when I do this, I'm left with BOTH the "Submit" & the "Print Form" in the same line. How do I remove the "Submit" option?


  • jotmanuk

    It seems to be difficult to create 2 fields side by side.

    Eg: I want to create 2 fields, one for name and one for contact number, but I want them to next to each other. I only seem to be able to create boxes below each other.

  • dovangela

    How the participant can recive an email that the form is conclude

  • mom0f4

    Regarding the above question, I want to keep the submit form button and have the option to print form if I want.

  • mom0f4

    I presently have submit form and a print form button. If I click on print form, how do I get the information also sent to me?

  • PFalley

    Thank you. You solved my problem. I was working with Firefox and that's where the trouble occurred. IE seemed to make it even worse, but when I finally tried Chrome, the printout came out just fine.

  • PFalley

    When reviewing a submitted form and trying to print it, essay-type text often overflows from page to page and gets intermingled with the text on the next page. Is there any way to fix that?

  • celakip

    Is it possible to have just a Print Form button with no Submit button?

  • pesqlarvicida


    I would like to make a "partial print": the user would start answering the form, then print a page (the printed page would have a few infos supplied by the user, up to that point of the form), sign the print, submit it (digitalized, via form) and then continue answering.

    I'm having trouble with stablishing a layout for the print. As far as I searched, the Print Button only makes a hard copy, witch doesn't help me.

    Can it be done? Print just a few fieds?

  • sunnynanny

    When trying to print my forms, it comes out with too small letters, that are not legible, any suggestions on how to change the printing settings?

  • olasdesigns

    Can the Print Button code from the forms be transferred the thank you Html?

  • vcasares

    Ocultar un campo a la hora de imprimir


    I have no way to find this these menu options from my "Form buider" screen!! Any help???

  • bgenrich

    Can a print button be coded into an auto-response email?


    I would like to emphasize to the students filling out my form that they need to print it FIRST and then submit it. It will be too late to print it if they submit it first. I can't seem to get the print button to show up before the submit button. Can you help? Thanks!

  • Barcos

    1.- How I can change the text "Clear Form" to "Limpiar Formulario" ?

    2.- How I can insert Page break buttons "Back" and "Forward" on my form Venta de Barcos ?
    1º.- Como puedo cambiar el texto de "Clear Form" a "Limpiar Formulario" ?

    2º.- Como puedo introducir los botones de Page break "Atras" y "Adelante" en mi formulario de Venta de Barcos ?
    Alfredo - Madrid - Spain

  • 2hawks

    The print button is not aligned vertically with the other two submit buttons on my form. There doesn't seem to be a method for aligning them.

    Looking in the Javascript code to fix this is my next thing to try.

  • Pawsibilities

    When printing using this method, everything except for the image button prints (including the captcha). When I choose to duplicate a form, it brings up a shortened version of it with only very few fields. The form does not duplicate. Can someone help so that I do not have to create all new forms to be able to have them print correctly? Thank you.

  • pphan074

    Good job!

  • terracuisine

    you can change the text on submit button, however the rest of the two buttons remains same and can't be changed. I use two separate site with two different languages. it seems weird on a form which has everything in one language except the print or reset buttons.