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How to Manage Multiple Fields

How to Manage Multiple Fields

To manage multiple fields, hold down the CTRL key (for PC), COMMAND ⌘ key (for MAC) to multi-select fields. You can also press CTRL + A or ⌘ + A to select all fields.

A menu will appear at the top that will allow you to manage the multiple fields you selected. You can DUPLICATE, REQUIRE, HIDE, or DELETE them as needed.

The Form Builder also offers a custom Context Menu which allows more options when managing fields. Here's a short description of what each option does:

1. SELECT ALL QUESTIONS - Selects all fields (like pressing CTRL + A or ⌘ + A).

2. REQUIRE - To make a field required.

3. MOVE UP - Move a field up.

4. MOVE DOWN - Move a field down.

5. SHRINK - Reduce a field to its bare minimum width.

6. DUPLICATE - Create another copy of the selected field.

7. HIDE - Hide the field.

8. DELETE - Delete the field.

9. CONDITIONAL LOGIC - Open the Conditions associated with the field selected.

10. MANAGE MULTIPLE FIELDS - This will add a checkbox on each field to select/deselect them easier.

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  • sdvndancefever

    Is it possible to move around entire pages as well instead of selecting all the fields on a page?

  • TraditionalMedicine

    OK, thanks.
    I was hoping there would be an easier way than selecting almost all the fields manually, but that's what I ended up doing...

    Thank you,

  • ourrousehouse

    For some reason this feature does not work, and when I do highlight a field with the solid blue and try to move it it tends to freeze and get stuck unplaced somewhere on the page until I reload. I need to be able to move a lot of fields at once with such a big document and so much copy and pasting of fields. And the field manager app also tends to freeze and not load or tends to misplace a lot of things when I try to use it.

  • safianas

    hi. its really a great form builder, i'm building an appointment form, and need not to allow more than 5 appointment to be submitted at a specific time, how can i manage that?

  • omar endin

    Really a great form builder.. It reminds me using dBase back in the 90's...pls keep up the good jotform works

  • ahdale

    When duplicating multiple fields, Is there any way to duplicate the conditional log associated with them, keeping the same (relative) conditional logic relationship in the new duplicated fields?

  • ustamidatlantic

    I tried to duplicate multiple fields in v4 but it is not working. I get the drop down to choose where "bottom," "top," of "after field." But when I click on any of the options all it does it deselect what I have selected and nothing is duplicated on the form. Can you please provide guidance on how I can duplicate multiple fields on this form? I am trying to create a ranking system for all the fields I have and would hate to have to go through and duplicate each field individually to achieve this. Thank you for your time. -Helen

  • KStamp

    How do you do this task with the 4.0 version of jorform?

  • mrhenryb

    I would like to create a form where there are three requests per line. The first two requests would have a drop-down list and the last field would have a user input.
    I would have the user after completing the third item use the enter key to duplicate the previous line for additional input, for the same questions. Once the line is complete and the user has completed that section, when he used the tab key the cursor would move to the next field. For example in submitting a recipe, field one would be numerical quantity; 1/2, 1-1/2, etc, field two would be unit of measure; tsp, cup, gal, etc. and the third field would be ingredient.
    Is this available?
    Thank you.

  • busashel

    Hi, is there a way to make that if a certain option is selected then the next question will appear?

    Ie "1) Do you want this?" If yes is selected then "1b) How many?" will appear

    Thanks in advance.

  • TD

    Hoow can I create a text box next to the other
    Ex: I have one text box "TIME IN"
    Now I need to create "TIME OUT" next to time in...

  • ziyad143

    How do I create a database?

    How do I create a database?

    How do I create a user name and password in the form field?

  • mdevane

    The Unrequire button only works when a single field is selected. When I select more than 1 field to apply this condition to, nothing happens.

    Is this a "user error" on my part?

    I am using Chrome browser Version 31.0.1650.63, which is up to date.

  • renatoventurini

    There is any way I can import/move some fields from a form already created in a new one (both from JotForm)?
    The case is that I created several forms, but then realized there it would be better to create just one containing all the fields from the other ones. I'll have to re-create all the fields on the new one, or I can use the fields I created on the previous forms, just moving then to the new form?
    Thank you