How to Add Google Map Geolocation Marker to Your Form

March 9, 2024

If you want to add a Google Map geolocation marker to your form, you can use the Geolocation widget. This widget allows you to capture your form filler’s location and display it on a map.

To use the Geolocation widget

  1. In the Form Builder, select Add Form Element in the upper-left corner.
The Add Form Element button in Jotform
  1. In Form Elements, go to Widgets at the top.
  2. Search and select Geolocation.
Steps to add the Geolocation widget in Jotform
  1. In Widget Settings on the right, enter your Google Maps API Key. See How to Get Google Maps API Key for more information.
  2. Configure the rest of the options, then select Updated Widget.
The Google Maps API Key field in Geolocation widget settings

Once you’ve configured the widget, you can use the following URL to add the location link to your notification email — replace {tag} with your Geolocation’s unique name:{tag}

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