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How to View and Let Users Fill the Forms Using The JotForm Mobile Forms App

How to View and Let Users Fill the Forms Using The JotForm Mobile Forms App

Sometimes you might be on the go and you probably don't have your computer with you but with all things considering you most likely have your phone or tablet with you.

In such cases and for some reason if you are that one person that you want to show off your form or have them fill in your form, then the JotForm Mobile Forms app makes it easy to view or share the form on the go.

The form may be viewed and filled in two different ways with JotForm Mobile Forms.

1. Fill Out Form

2. Kiosk Mode

I. Using Fill Out Form option

1. Open the JotForm Mobile Forms app and login to your JotForm account to view the forms created

2. Click on the form that you want to view the submissions. The form menu options shall be displayed to choose to view the form.

3. Then the form should be displayed on the screen and ready to be submitted.

II. Using Kiosk Mode option

Kiosk mode is one of the great features available with JotForm Mobile Forms that turns your mobile device into a survey station.

1. To open the form in Kiosk mode, tap on any form to view the Form options.

2. Tap on 'Open in Kiosk mode' option.

3. Choose an option from the Continue with Screen Lock and Continue without Screen Lock options

4. The form should then be opened in kiosk mode.

5. You may swipe down on the screen with two fingers to close the Kiosk mode.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below.

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  • alindley2850

    Looks like the answer is "no", but is there a way to add a shortcut to a form to the home screen of an android device to open the form in the app.

    Adding the link to open in chrome is OK, but looses the benefits of it opening in the mobile app (offline filling etc.)

    Thanks in advance...


  • Allarakhia

    Hi, i have people working on site who fill the form similarly as conducting a survey and taking photo's etc, however on the web browser the forms refresh at some point during the day when they travel from location to location and loose all photo's that we're taken earlier.

    I'd like to try the app and see if that can eliminate that issue, however, is there a way i can create a shortcut on my tablet so that the form opens up as kiosk mode straight away? rather than selecting the form and pressing kiosk mode?

    Looking forward to your repose, Many Thanks

  • smartbwoy68

    How do I give home address

  • jprewitt

    Hello. I am going to be using jotforms to have the parents fill out a COVD questionnaire prior to allowing their child entry into our school.  Here's the problem:  From the mobile app, the thank you screen disappears too quickly.  I need the parents waiting in line to be able to have it ready to show me at the door.  (It does not disappear from a web browser, but most will want the app.)
    Thank you.

  • SophieGarlick

    Would you please be able to help us understand how we can link our account to the use of the mobile app please? We have staff that have created accounts but cant seem to understand how we can link our published forms to their app, and allow them to save and see what they have submitted, and feel we arent getting the full use and potential out of what we are paying for? Some help would be greatly appreciated

  • Powertalk

    I sent a form to a friend for evaluation through whatsapp. I would like to take it back from him or deactivate it.