How to Enable Geo Stamping on Your Forms

March 26, 2024

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The geo stamp could be one of the most important data you can add to your form. Each time your form is opened, it adds geolocation information, stamping each response with longitude and latitude data depending on the responder’s location. 

Most of the data you collect will need some verification or associated information to corroborate what you have received from your form users. 

The geo stamp provides a way to query the validity of the supplied information and allows you to visualize the distribution of your form using the geographic information stamped on your form. 

To add a geo stamp to your form, you have to use the Geo Stamp Widget as shown below: 

  1. Go to the Widgets tab in the Form Elements panel.
  2. Search for Geo Stamp and add it to your form.

The Geo Stamp information will look like the following:



Most browsers will prompt users to allow the form to access their location. If the user blocks the request, the Geo Stamp widget will only send you the Date and Time of the submission. See the following links from Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Here’s a demo form for you to try out:

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