How to Hide the Form Title and Progress Bar in Jotform Cards

February 18, 2023

In Jotform Cards, the title appears at the top of the form when you remove the Welcome page. The progress bar on the other hand appears at the bottom when there are at least four visible cards in your form.

A card form with arrows pointing to the form title and progress bar

To hide the form title or progress bar on your card form

  1. In Form Builder, click on Settings at the top.
  2. Next, click on Show More Options at the bottom.
Steps to access the form settings' More Options in Form Builder
  1. Scroll down and search for the following options:
The Show Form Title and Show Form Progress options in Form Builder Settings
  • Show Form Title — Set it to “No” to hide the form title.
  • Show Form Progress — Set it to “No” to hide the progress bar.
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