How to Enable Review Before Submission in Jotform Cards

March 24, 2024

With the Review Before Submission feature in Jotform Cards, form fillers can review their responses before final submission. It helps catch any missing or erroneous information, ensuring more accurate data collection. For order forms, the Review Before Submit feature lets users confirm items and payment details before submitting their orders.

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This guide is for Card forms. For Classic forms, use the Review Before Submit widget. See Adding Widgets to learn more.

To enable Review Before Submission in Jotform Cards

  1. In the Form Builder, go to Settings at the top.
  2. Select Show More Options.
Steps to view more options in Jotform Form Builder
  1. Turn on Review Before Submission.
The Review Before Submission option in Jotform Cards

Once enabled, the Review Before Submit feature acts as a summary page that will appear after the last question on your card form. See how it works in this demo form.

The Review Before Submission card in Jotform Cards
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