How to setup the Emoji Slider in Jotform Cards?

August 24, 2022

We released Jotform Cards last year to provide our users with new, exciting, and dynamic design options. The Emoji Slider is definitely one of the eye-catchers.

Emoji Slider is a new feature added within Jotform Cards that allows you to interact with your form respondents in a more enjoyable way.

To add the Emoji Slider to your Card Form:

1.  Create a new form and choose the Card Forms layout, or edit your existing form and convert it to the card forms layout in order to use this feature.

2: Navigate to the “BUILD” tab, and click on the “Add Form Element” button.

3: Find the Emoji Slider under the SURVEY ELEMENTS section and click on it.

If you want to use multiple emoji sliders in one page, click on the “add row” button under the slider to add more.

You can also change the scale of your emoji slider by simply clicking on the GEAR icon next to the slider. 

In the opening section, go to the FIELDS tab. And choose the scale you wish to use.

Here is an example form with the Emoji Slider:

What do you think about the Emoji Slider?

Comments and suggestions are always welcomed below.

Also, you can reach us through the Support Forum, if you have a question.

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