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How to Connect Your Online Form Fields with PDF's?

How to Connect Your Online Form Fields with PDF's?

What to do if a PDF converter doesn’t detect some of your fields when creating the online form is one of the most frequent questions we get. After uploading your PDFs sometimes some of the fields may not be detected by the PDF Converter. If this ever happens PDF Converter allows you to manually adjust field connections.

There are two different field types that you can add, online form field and PDF field. 

Online form fields are, as the name suggests, the ones you add to your online form. Whenever you add a new field to your online form, it will have a corresponding PDF field that is already connected to your PDF by default.

You can add these from the Add New Element tab from the form builder just like you add them into your regular forms. 

🔘When you add a new field to your online form because of a missing field, the corresponding PDF fields appear as green on the PDF Side. You can change the location of these fields by dragging and dropping. You can resize them as well. When you click these once their color will turn blue like all of the other PDF Fields.

🔘You can delete existing PDF fields using the Red Trash Bin icon after selecting one.

Adding single choice or multiple-choice options on your PDF

To add single choice and multiple choice elements to your form:

1) Go to your Form Builder

2) Click the Add Form Elements button.

3) Add new single choice or multiple choice elements to your form by clicking or dragging and dropping it down.

The PDF form fields are the ones that are present on the PDF which is represented with blue boxes. These are the fields that will display the data entered into the online form when the form is completed. 

4) You can start connecting these fields using the Add to PDF button after selecting a field. You can identify Connected fields by the Blue link between the Online Form Field and the PDF Field. Drag and drop the newly added fields on suitable areas on the PDF.

We hope that you found this guide helpful and if you require any further assistance feel free to contact us!

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    This is ANYTHING but simple and with no technical support via a live person to guide you through it, this is USELESS!

  • frankfortwater

    I cannot connect a time filed to my pdf. the option doesn't exist to do so.