How to Update the Original PDF in Smart PDF Forms

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You can update the original PDF in your Jotform Smart PDF Forms while keeping the existing mapped fields on your online form.

Here’s how to update the original PDF in Smart PDF Forms:

  1. Go to the Upload tab in Smart PDF Forms.
  2. Click Update PDF.
  1. Choose Update this PDF file.
    Caution: Clicking on “Reset my online form” will delete everything on your form including the associated submission data.
  1. Select and upload your new PDF file.
    Note: The editor can support a PDF file with up to 25 pages.

You should see the new PDF right away with the field maps intact. Keep in mind that while you can edit your PDF and still have it map to your original form fields, you cannot upload another PDF file to a previously existing PDF Smart form. If you want to combine PDFs you will have to combine them and then upload to Smart PDF and remap your form fields.  

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