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Capture the Page URL Where the Form is Embedded

Capture the Page URL Where the Form is Embedded


If you are embedding the same form on multiple pages and would want to know which page the submission came from, here's the quick and easy solution.

How to Capture the Page URL?

Capturing the Page URL where the form is embedded is super easy.  Follow these 2 simple steps.

1. While in the form builder, open the Form Elements panel on the left side

2. Go to Widgets tab and search Get Form Page URL then add this widget to your form


That's it!

Here's an example submission with the Page URL captured by the widget.

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  • Miranda Fullerton

    Hi there, I'm having difficulty retrieving the URL of pages that I embed my form into. The test site is I used the JavaScript embed script method for the site.

    When I launch the form from Jotfrom, the submission shows that the URL is referred correctly ( However, when the embedded form is filled in from the Google Site, the URL rotates.

    Current (bad) behavior:^&*%^*&/inner-frame-minified.html?jsh=m%3B%2F_%2Fscs%2Fapps-static%2F_%2Fjs%2Fk%3Doz.gapi.en.utl9jrRztb8.O%2Fam%3DwQE%2Fd%3D1%2Fct%3Dzgms%2Frs%thisalsostaysthesameeverytime%2Fm%3D__features__

    Expected (good) behavior:

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  • Mohammad M. Byouk

    Hi there everyone,
    I came across this forum while searching for a solution to our website development. We are utilizing GCS (Google Custom Search) engine to enable our customers to search for their products in a designated URLs that we configure in the GCS dashboard.
    We generate a page called "Search Results Page" on our website that put all search results of the keyword that customer search for from these URLs and display it in a nice grid view with product Image, Product Description, Product Price etc.
    We need to capture the URL of the web page that customer reach after browsing the image when he clicks on it (i.e. Customer will click on the image in the "Search Results Page" without taking him to a new of the image URL so he stays inside our website and browse that URL inside our website so we can get the final URL of the product he wants when he click Add To Cart or Buy it Now)

    Or if anyone can suggest a solution that enable us to capture the final URL of the product page that the customer wants ... Like capture the URL address of that product and then he can submit the request of further information to our back office ...
    If you have a solution or you can develop an app for this, you will be awarded our contract ...

    Anyone who has an idea or a solution, please contact me for further information,


  • masterlink2000

    Your Site is Very Knowledge Site , Looking very easy and good content very nice

  • priyo

    Thx all.

    website me

  • PriceIT

    My forms not showing up anymore after I tried this.

    Here's the code:

  • beatsahead

    ve this code, the forms are coming through fine but it#s not giving me the url, can anyone tell me where i'm going wrong please?


    One of the pages is

  • csmarketing


    This was working last week, but it's not working this morning on any of our forms.

  • vmgbpo

    This is not working on my website. Here is a example page

    I fill up that yellow form created with jotform but the referral URL is not getting captured.

    Can some one please help me to make this work ?

    Thank you.

  • richsmithphoto

    How would you use this with the Wordpress plugin? I have to use this because script gets messed up in my Wordpress install for some reason. I went into the plugin code and found this line:

    return "";

    But I wasn't brave enough to edit it. Javascript and PHP confuse me. Any help would be great!

  • fradem

    Can you make a field-type with this? (like the UNIQUE ID field)

    Or just include this in all the answers just like you do with the IP?

    I am sure it would be much appreciated.

  • jordan8037310

    Is there anyway to integrate this functionality with WishBox? Currently messing around with the javascript to no avail.

  • mktngdept

    THANK YOU!!!!! It took a little trial and error but in the end, I was just reading/understanding the instructions wrong. If you follow them exactly, it works.

  • guest_30085481901046

    Me again...I finally had to use the entire source code, but that took care of it.

  • guest_30085481901046

    For some reason I could not login, although I am a paying JotForm customer (ccdesign).

    since document.write does not work well with XHTML, is there any other way to execute this in WordPress? When I use the embed code, my form works, but the page footer disappears. When I use the iframe code, my form isn't even there.

  • aliaswave

    This isn't working with wordpress.

    I've tired both methods iframe and short code.

  • DanielJGarvey


  • guest_23266997080059


    Not working on my blogger site with iframe:

    the whole form doesn't appear, looks like the document.write isn't wroking? Any thoughts?



  • krp54

    Hi there,

    Thank you for the script, but i can't get it working on my website. try clicking this button

    on a webpage:

    Can you help please?

  • maverickbankcard

    Success!..after a day of tweaking. Note that there are “www’s” in the url instead of “form” and the hidden field name is case sensitive. I had Source_URL, but the field name is actually source_url. These subtleties are the difference between going to lunch...or not.


  • vmgbpo

    Hi, I followed the instructions but even my form is not getting displayed now.

    here is default form code:

    here is my the code with the changes I have made


  • Aash

    The problem is how will i be able to find out the i-frame code as i am working with Dreamweaver-CS3. I am not able to do this process as it is not working. plz help me out asap.

  • handstellstories

    Hi there,

    Although I got this to work, I realize now it caused some problems w/ the website. I use shopify for my website. On every page that I added the form, as explained above, I can no longer see the price above the add to cart button.

    Here is an example of a page without the form:

    Here is an example of a page with the form:

    Any ideas?

  • handstellstories

    I would like to do this, but would like to use the lightbox option. Is this possible?

  • brycelw

    My RAW short embed code works perfect with my site. Now I need to track the specific URL where a submission came from. I am confused because my short embed for my form is already a javaScript code. This is how it starts.

  • etobic

    ups - one more time



    what am I doing wrong ?

  • etobic

    can you explain in more details the "1. Insert a hidden box to your form, name it to something like "referrer" or "website""

    I did it all according this tutorial and I'm still getting only "referrer" text in my form received instead of link

  • wbclsurvey

    Is there any way to get this concept to work with using the source code rather than an iframe or the embed code?

  • shopmfp

    why is this not working on my website:


  • webadmin

    I have a questions form which I use on two different websites. On the first site the form works well.

    On the second site, the form reports the page URL of the first site.

    I have tried clearing cookies, but that did not help either.

    What to do to get accurate URL reporting?

  • Debbie

    I was wondering if jotforms could be used to upload something like a picture and some sentences onto a page in my website instead of sending me an email.