How to Access and Change the Settings of Jotform Inbox

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Jotform Inbox offers a few additional options that let you change the alignment of the question and answers, line spacing, show or hide elements, and replace the header with different information other than the name and email.

While it’s partially hidden, accessing and changing these settings is quick and easy. Here’s how:

  1. In Jotform Inbox, click the Kebab menu from the main Inbox tab.
  2. Click the Inbox Settings from the options.

On the right panel, you’ll see all of the Inbox Settings. Scroll down in the panel to see the other options.


Question Alignment

The default alignment of the question is Side by Side. You can change it to Top to display it like the below image:


Line Spacing

The Line Spacing changes the vertical spacing between each question. The default is Compact. You can choose Medium or Wide. Here’s a short GIF of these spacings:


Date Settings

In the Date Settings, you can change the Language and Format of the dates. These affect all date elements in your form, including the Submission Date of each submission. Here’s an example of the Turkish format:


The Print Settings changes the printout of the form submissions. Clicking the Update Print Settings button will open a new window where you can change three settings:

  • Layout — It’s similar to the original Question Alignment but would only affect the printout of the submissions. You can choose Side by Side or Top alignment.
  • Line Spacing — It’s also similar to the original Line Spacing from the main settings panel, but again, it would only affect the printout.
  • Content — When checking the option, the printout will include the email, which means the replies you sent to the submitters, the comment you made on each submission, and the approval flow entries. All of these are available at the bottom of each submission.

Please don’t forget to click the Save button to save the changes. Below is an example of the data that the print will include when you check the Content option:


Field Settings

In the Field Settings, you can show the headers and texts from your form, show the map of the submitted address details, and hide the empty fields. Here’s an example of when you check both Show Headers and Texts and Show Addresses on Map options:


You can also choose to show or hide fields in the Inbox view. Click on Show/Hide Fields button to open the window where you can check/uncheck fields to show or hide:


Fields on the left side of the window without a checkmark mean they’re hidden from the Inbox view. Click these fields or drag/drop them to the right side to show. On the right side, click X to hide the fields. In the same window, you can also reposition the fields by clicking/dragging them to their preferred order. Finally, click the Update button to save the changes.

Header Settings

Finally, we have the Header Settings, which allows you to select other fields as your Header and Subheader or choose to hide both completely. Here’s an example when choosing the company name as the Subheader:


Please let us know in the comments below if you have questions, suggestions, or feedback.

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