How to Share Your Form Inbox

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Jotform Inbox allows you to share your inbox with your colleagues to view or collaborate and help manage your form data. Inboxes can be public, private, or available only to those within the company.

To share your form’s inbox

  1. Go to My Forms and open your form’s inbox.
Arrow guide to open the form's inbox in My Forms
  1. In Jotform Inbox, select Share in the upper-right corner.
The share button in Jotform Inbox

This opens the sharing options for your form’s inbox. From here, you can create and copy the inbox’s share link, or send invitations with permissions via email.

Arrow guides to share inbox

To change the access settings and permissions, go to Settings in the Share This Inbox dialog.

Arrow guide to view inbox settings

Here are the available inbox access and permission options:

Inbox's Access settings
  • Private Access — Available only to invited users. You can grant an edit or read-only permission.
  • Public Access — Available to anyone. Bound to read-only.
  • Company Access — Available to people in your organization only. Both edit and read-only permissions are available.

When using the form inbox’s share link, take note of its access settings and permissions:

  • For inboxes with public access, anyone who has the link can view your inbox.
  • For private inboxes, invited users are required to log in to their Jotform account to view or edit your inbox.
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