How to Add the Loom Video Recorder to Your Form

December 6, 2023

Loom offers a quick, intuitive way to record your screen and webcam. With Loom, you can create professional-grade videos that are great for asynchronous messaging, collecting visual feedback, or working with teams dispersed around the world.

Now, you can allow your form users to record Loom videos directly from your forms. This guide will show you how.

Create a new Loom Application

  1. If you don’t have a Loom account yet, sign up here
  2. Go to your Loom Developer page, and click the Create application button to create a new application.
  1. Add your application details:
    • Enter an application name in the App name box.
    • Choose SDK Standard for the SDK type.
    • Add * and * under Domains allowing SDK setup.
  1. Once the details are in place, click the Create application button.
  2. Copy the Public App ID of the app you just created.

Set up the Loom Video Recorder widget

  1. In the Jotform Form Builder, click the Add Form Element button.
  2. Go to the Widgets tab.
  3. Search for Loom Video Recorder, and click it to add it to your form.
  1. Paste the Public App ID of your Loom video in the Widget Settings.
  2. Click the Update Widget button, and that’s it.

Your form users can click the Record Video button to record a video. 


The Loom Video Recorder works only on Chromium-based browsers. For more information, please see Loom’s compatibility guide

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