How to Integrate appyReward with Jotform

November 27, 2023

appyReward is a platform that allows you to automate rewards-based promotions. You can reward survey completions, sweepstakes winners, and subscribers. Now you can integrate your Jotform surveys with appyReward, so you can automatically send rewards for surveys. 

  1. In the Form Builder, go to the Settings tab, then click Integrations. Note that when you first build your form, you will need to include an email field. Or else your submitter will not be able to get their reward. 
Form Builder with an arrow pointing to the integrations tab
  1. Search and click on the appyReward tile, then click Visit appyReward.
Integrations tab with an arrow pointing to the visit appyReward button
  1. You’ll be brought to the appyReward for Jotform page. Click Connect with Jotform. 
appyReward integrations page
  1. You’ll be asked to authorize appyReward to access your Jotform account.
Modal window asking the user to authorize access to their Jotform account
  1. Now, when you create a campaign, you can select your Jotform forms from the appyRewards page. 
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