How to Integrate Microsoft Teams with Jotform

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Ever wondered how to integrate apps that don’t have integrations with each other? You can integrate with third party apps like Zapier, so you never have to sacrifice using your favorite apps for automation. Let’s check out how to integrate Microsoft Teams with Jotform, so you can automatically turn your form results into actionable tasks/communications with your teammates.

  1. Under the Settings tab, click on Integrations and search Microsoft Teams.
Image of Jotform's integrations tab
  1. Select the Zapier template you’d like to use, in this example we’re going to use Zapier to send a new message in Microsoft Teams every time someone submits a form.
Image of Jotform's Integrations tab
  1. Click Get Started to configure your Zap.
Image of the Configure your Zap window with a Get Started button in the middle of the screen
  1. Select the account you’d like to connect and click Next
Image of the Configure your Zap window with a list of Jotform accounts for the user to connect to
  1. Select the form you’d like to integrate and click Next.
Image of the Configure your Zap window with an arrow pointing to the Next button
  1. Then connect your Microsoft Teams accountt. After you connect your accounts, test the integration to make sure it works. 

Hooray! You’ve integrated Microsoft Teams and Jotform. Leave a comment below or Contact Jotform Support if you have any questions.

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